Peachy, Coraly and Pink Nails.

I wish i was more creative with my titles LOL. Everytime i post something i try to think of something 'catchy' but i suck. :(

Anyways! What i get up to in my spare time is just playing with nail polish and I don't like having too many bright colours on my nails. If you know me - I'm a pretty neutral coloured and also neutral towards make-up i barely have any wild colours in my collection but probably a bright pink lippy .... i'm still a slight noobie when it comes to any beauty products. So i'll be usually wearing a nude lippy or especially nude/peachy coloured nails (if you've noticed) 

Nevertheless, lately my nails have been outwearing my OPI Dulce De Leche for 2/3 weeks with a Clear Top Coat. I love that colour! It's probably my signature nail polish colour! It started getting edgy but not cracky - which is what i love about OPI nail polishes. They're absolute quality but a bit pricey (especially if you live in Australia they cost $20AUD at David Jones) but i bought mine on eBay for roughly $15AUD. 

OPI Dulce De Leche
(Taken from Google / pretty-lil-things) 

I wanted to get rid of my Dulce De Leche Colour (for reference - the picture above) and so i was looking through the nail stash and found my next 'go to' colour which is Revlon's Iced Spice (130) - I looks really old according to the spill stains my mum has probably made and all but it was a bright Peach colour and a new colour variation to my nails.

I got bored after having this colour for a day and reverted back to my OPI Barefoot in Barcelona which is a mauve? (not too sure) I think... well just a darker version of Delce De Leche... I sort of got inspired to use my Nubar after a long time after seeing Tezza's post, on where she is wearing the same Nubar 2010 as i own here!

OPI's Barefoot in Barcelona & Nubar 2010 Flakie 

Love, J.

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