Another Nail Fixation with an Essence Nail Polish Haul!

The other day I was at my local Priceline and they finally installed a full shelf of Essence products! Essence in Australia has only been avaliable at Target and usually most of the items there are no where to be found (since they're always out of stock). Priceline now has full shelves of all the Essence products! I grabbed a few things (mainly Essence) and here are the nail polishes which I snagged for $2.55 each! The top coats were $3.45 each. 

Overall, Essence Nail Polishes are pretty good quality. The nail polishes aren't streaky and most of them become opaque after 2-3 coats (which is typical) 

They last a good week the nails (with top coat) and a 3-4 days without. The 'gel look' top coat from Essence actually made my nails somewhat gellish! But it was more of a high gloss top coat as it is depicted on the packaging. 

I am definitely not disappointed at Essence Nail Polishes and especially the brand. It's heaps affordable and cheap as well.

You can find Essence products at either Target or Priceline in Australia and also at Ulta in the US. 

Have you tried any Essence products? If so, what are your favourites? 

Love, J 


  1. I like the Essence nail polishes too!!
    I have 'absolutely blue' :)

  2. Wow that's cheap! I might have to check them out. Nice that they're being stocked at priceline - drives me crazy how kmart and target never have stocked cosmetics sections.

  3. space queen looks so pretty! ive yet to try any essence nail polishes, but ive recently purchased their stay all day cream shadows which defs get a thumbs up from me :D

  4. Nice polishes, I don't own any Essence yet...I'll get some one of these days. So many collections keep coming out of CG,Orly, OPI and Zoya that I'm trying to keep up with them. I like that Space Queen and Blue Addicted but I love glitters.

  5. Did the gel-like top coat make polish look like a gel?

  6. That pastel-like orange is so gorgeous! Must go get it now :)
    You should try the nail polishes from their "50's girls reloaded" line! I LOVEEEE the colour 03 IM A MARINE GIRL! gorgeous shimmery dark midnight blue - i have swatches on my blog that you can check out :)

  7. oh that's interesting. I'm not one to be quite into my mani's or my nail polish collection, I didn't actually know how long polish really lasted with the top coat.

  8. Whoa i love blue addicted, it looks awesome! <3

    Anna @ FEED ME NANA xoxo


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