Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder in Translucent

When I went to Melbourne, my cousin told me my Australis Ready Set Go Translucent Powder made me look icky and made my face look weird... after that I paid more attention to what she said and realised what she really meant. Gahhhhhh, how can I be so oblivious? It just didn't look polished! It looked like I dusted baby powder on my face (probably I haven't really noticed it that much since I've neglected it for so long and that I'm always in a rush when I apply make up and didn't careless about the translucent until she said something about it!) 

After that day, I threw it away and borrowed my cousins MAC Prep & Prime Translucent Powder and it was somewhat better but now... I've found something better and cheaper too! Sue & Wendy recommended the Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder in Translucent as a cheaper alternative and also instead of getting the MAC Prep & Prime Translucent Pressed Powder one. Wendy said she said it was even better than the MAC one and I totally agree! 

I was a bit skeptical when I first tried this translucent pressed powder at a local Big W, but after swatching it and seeing how it mellows into my face nicely, I was instantly sold. I didn't purchase it right away because they had ran out of the Translucent shade at that store. 

I was planning to get the translucent shade on ASOS but they ran out as well! I was gonna get it because it was half price on ASOS compared to the price it's being sold at store which was $12. I mean, I do try to save money wherever I can! But the other day at my local Priceline they had a 20% sale on face products so I picked this up for around $10. Not too bad at all, I had to get it cause I was going clubbing that night and I was in desperate need of a translucent powder to lock in my foundation! 

I'm highly impressed by this pressed powder considering I haven't bought any Rimmel products for the past 3-4 years. The last time I used Rimmel products was ageeeeees ago and it was a waterproof mascara that I got and it just smeared everywhere and it was baaaaaaaad. Whenever I have bad experiences with a certain products I tend to not go back to it. I gave Rimmel another shot, seeing how their products have improved and also heard so many good things about them. 

After applying this translucent powder after my foundation, I noticed that my face looks so polished and so flawless. I can hardly notice any shine besides my forehead probably after 5-6 hours of wear (but that's how long the product claims to last for anyways.

The one thing I dislike about this product is the packaging. It's flimsy and does not have compartment to store a puff. But instead I took an old powder puff that I had lying in my make up vanity and just placed it on top of the powder and placed the lid on top where it snugly fits - making it like a compact. Other than that I have no other exceptions. 

It definitely minimises the appearance of pores, for sure - as it claims to say. But seeing how I'm not really acne prone and I don't really have large pores (mine are just medium and I only have them on my cheeks) this might be a different affect depending on your pores and also the amount of excess oil on your face you may have. 

Any other wonderful Rimmel products you have tried out? 

Love, J. 


  1. I'm quite interested in trying this now! I wanted to try the Australis one but I don't think I will now.
    I have oily skin and large pores around my nose and under my eyes so I might give this a go :)

  2. Yayyy glad you love it! I agree that the packaging is absolutely rubbish! I shattered my first one last year because the lip just falls off. If I travel with this, I always tie a hairtie/rubber band to keep the lid on!

  3. Hmmm, I'm curious but weary of trying it due to me never seeing any Rimmel products in darker colors. I SWEAR by MAC Prep and Prime Powder. I actually feel the loose works better than the compact, but the compact is a lot more convenient. When you say translucent are you referring to it being a sheer powder & not a powder foundation or is it a colorless powder than any skin color can wear? So far, I've found very few "colorless" powders that were truly universal. However, I'm the oiliest person on earth so I may still give it a shot. Hmmmm, decisions. LOL! :-)

    Great post by the way.

  4. I know what you mean about their mascaras, I tried it once and never went back again. But you MUST try the Kate Moss lipstick range from Rimmel. I instantly fell in love!
    And they're 2 for 1 at Target right now ;)

  5. I usually don't wear powder in winter because my skin is dry and most cake up on me. In summer I do set my foundation sometimes with a translucent loose powder. I haven't tried the Rimmel Stay Matte but I like that it makes your makeup look flawless and polished - seems like a great item to carry around for touch ups in summer.

  6. I tried this after hearing the rage about it and researched it as well. I think it's alright, but I have not ever tried anything else. It does what it does, but until I have something else to compare it with, I'll just say it's alright. :) Thanks for the review!


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