American Apparel Nail Lacquer in Office, Palm Springs & L'Esprit.

Apologies everyone! It's been heaps hectic this week especially with Uni just starting, my birthday and also work as well! I'm finally 20! Nothing too exciting to celebrate about, though I was spoilt by the boyfriend with dinner at Waterfront Grill, a lovely Pandora bracelet with a love heart charm and also a Guess Bag and Wallet from the friends. Not to mention my Beats Tours that I received from my lovely Aunty. (Pictures you may have seen if you follow me on Instagram!)

I will also do a separate birthday post real soon and also do an exciting review on this shampoo that I've been loving and probably my new holy grail shampoo & conditioner combo.  Anywho, down to this review which I'm excited to share with you today!

The other day, Shela & I had a lunch date at the city. I took Shela to eat Bibimbap because we were craving Korean Food... Okay more like I wanted to but she agreed to come eat with. After having an awesome Bibimbap lunch at Noodlemee (Located at Wynyard Station), our next destination was American Apparel.

Our initial plan was to go to American Apparel in the first place (since we have never really went to the actually physical store and also wanted to check out some clothes there that we eyed online) and it was also a day to find a present for my boyfriend's mum.

We tried on the infamous disco pants and found that they so didn't suit us. We also tried on the 'also infamous' Helvetica shirts (since I was considering buying one) but found that they weren't worth for the quality they are. Meh. Anyways, we left American Apparel with just 3 nail polishes each. Despite being a little disappointed with not coming home with any clothes from AA, all I can say now is that I love love love my nail polishes that I grabbed. I was so sad they didn't have the Manila colour that I originally wanted (which was a nice bright yellow) so I opted for Palm Springs.

The longevity of these nail polishes are pretty impressive. It took around 2 coats to be opaque to my liking. 3 to be 'perfect' and look way more polished... if that made sense.

They lasted around a week before starting to grow out of my nails. I can't think of any cons for these besides probably it being a little pricey, but definitely worth it.

Office, Palm Springs, L'Esprit

Swatches: Palm Springs, L'Esprit & Office 

Overall, like I said they are a little pricey but what it's a good quality nail polish considering they're $12 a pop or 3 for $28. Shela and I got 3 each. I wanted some pastel nail polishes too add to my collection and also I'm a huge sucker for sleek packaging. These will forever be my favourites.

Will be back after soon with more reviews and a haul coming up soon!

Love, J 


  1. Happy Birthday! Congratulation!
    I've been to AA several times, and have never seen worth the hype or price.

  2. Happy Birthday!
    I think i need to seek these out to add my collection!
    Im loving the colors they really will be great for the weather atm!
    Great Post!


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