Lush Toothy Tabs in Sparkle

Toothy tabs are probably the best product I've ever gotten from Lush (besides their awesome conditioners which I use all the time!) Today, I have a new Toothy Tab in Sparkle which I picked up at Chadstone, Lush whilst shopping in Melbourne.

I know in the US & the UK they're nothing new but here in Australia they have just been released and there is also other Toothy Tab flavours like: Chou Chou I Love You, Aquatic, Breath Of God, Ultrablast and also the original, Dirty! You can check out the range here. I previously blogged about the Dirty Toothy Tab and now I'm more than excited to use Sparkle! 

So if you're familar with Toothy Tabs you will know how they work. If you're not: you simply wet these tabs (just to get it going) and then nibble on these mint-sized tabs and wet your toothbrush and brush away!

The only difference between this toothy tab and the original Dirty Toothy Tab is the flavour. I chose Sparkle due to the hints of Lemon peel powder and Sicilian lemon oil, which taste much more better than the Dirty Toothy Tab. 

They're $3.95AU and they have 40 tabs in each package. 

I like to alter between my regular Sensodyne toothpaste and sometimes use my regular toothpaste and also add a toothy tab for a much clearer and also brighter effect when brushing but on some days I just use two toothy tabs on it's own. 

Gradually over time these will whiten your teeth, which is what we all want right?! Only because it contains Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Powder) and it's been known to be a good cleaning agent and chemical for many household items - not only in the kitchen for cooking but also whitening items, hence the whitening aspect. 

I absolutely love these toothy tabs and think they're the best invention ever to be made by Lush! I'm also loving how there's also new flavours! I'm not a huge fan of the Dirty taste (LOL) hahahaha. 

But i think the only downside to this is that you will get through these pretty quick, so stock up while you can! I also believe these will be permanent item as I asked the Sales Assistant at Lush. 

Do you own any of the new Lush Toothy Tabs? If so, which one do you like or would like to try!?

Love, J


  1. I still have my pack of Dirty toothy tabs from months ago.. I've used like maybe 10 in total? I just hate the taste!!!!! Ahhhh I need to finish them soon haha but the new flavours sound much better. Dirty tastes like....cardboard.

  2. I didn't even know that Lush made these!! Thanks for sharing!! xx

  3. I've never tried these, because I think LUSH is such a scent experience for me - rather than the idea of taste. That said, I may pick up a pack the next time I'm at LUSH if the flavours seem palatable. :]

  4. I never knew they made these. Now I have a reason to go into Lush.

  5. This looks so cool! So it froths up in your mouth? Is one enough?

    1. I use two but when I use toothpaste I would like to sneak one toothy tab for an extra clean feeling :D

  6. I have tried the Dirty Toothy tabs and I really liked it until about a week after using every morning and night, my tongue would get a numb, uncomfortable tingling feeling that I had to stopped using it. Did you find that when you used this one? Or maybe my tongue is just weird. Haha XP

    1. Not really (about the tingling feeling) I think it's normal since it contains sodium bicarbonate!

  7. Hi Joline! Wow, I wanna try the new ones! I hated how Dirty tasted, still have an almost full pack of them left. :)

    Btw, I'm having a little giveaway on my blog:
    Please check it out if you're interested! Thanks :)

  8. Can you use these with braces?


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