Clinique 3-Step Kit: Very Dry to Dry Combination Skin

Winter has been so bad upon my skin, my skin gets oily, flakey and gets irritated. My skin is mainly dry combination skin and this winter so far has caused me to breakout a lot on my forehead and leave patches of pimples around my face. Though my face isn't acne prone and also not as bad as others it's the annoying tiny pimples that never go away! 

My cousin suggested I went to the Clinique counter to get my skin assessed and also grab some sample to try out if their products will help improve my skins condition. Whilst at Melbourne, seriously I grabbed so many samples that I had enough to last me probably a good 2-3 weeks. Hey, I was legitimately trying products out! 

Anywho, I went to two to three Clinique counters in order to obtain the mini facial soap that my cousin got and so I could try out if it actually eliminates the blemishes  but they didn't have any in stock. I got my skin assessed and the lady at the Myer Chadstone and she gave me these generous Clinique samples. She also said that my skin is perfectly fine and that I had congestion. This meant that my pores are slightly clogged and that's why I have all these tiny stubborn pimples that don't go away. It is also caused by not exfoliating too much and also dead skin cell build up. (Gross!)   

Anywho she gave me the mini 3-Step Kit for Very Dry to Dry Combination Skin, the full size set of this package is $139 which is not bad for something High End. But I didn't want to be quickly sold into buying the set without trying and seeing if it works - and thank god I got 2 sample sets of this kit! 

What I noticed about using this product after a week is that my skin's surface has improved dramatically! My skin was flakey and also somewhat dry and patchy then after using this 3-Step Kit: Cleanse, Exfoliate & Moisturise - my skin was smooth and even... as for blemishes I didn't see much improvement so I just used my Biore Facial Cleanser which has been helping me along with the Clinique. 

If i'm going to use my Biore Facial Cleanser I would skip or even so use the 3 Step kit except for the Step 2 (the Clarifying Lotion Toner) because that toner is somewhat harsh to use alone - which is why you have to use it with the kit in order for your face to take the full effect. 

Using the products in conjunction to each other you will see a difference on your skin within a week or so. I was going to opt in buying the starter kit which includes 50ml Liquid Facial Soap (Step 1), 100ml Clarifying Lotion (Step 2) and Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion (Step 3) 30ml which was $49. Not bad!

Overall, I found that after my skins surface is improved application of foundation is so much more smoother and also even so that was a plus! They also have the 3-Step Kit for other skin conditions and you can check it out on the Clinique Australia's website or internationally on the American website.

Checkout your nearest Clinique counter and you can get your skin assessed. I'm glad I found this product and glad my cousin introduced it to me. Have you tried any Clinique Skin Care products? 

Love, J


  1. I usually just go to Target or Priceline for skincare but I'm becoming more interested in branching out with something more expensive to see if it works better. I have a generous amount of samples that my boyfriend's mother gifted me (gift with purchases for the win!) and I'm really pleased with some of the Clinique products given. I might just check out the 3 step kit for combination/oily skin! xx

  2. Id love to get my skin assessed, but last time I went to the clinique counter the woman wasnt very helpful! Maybe I'll try again soon haha. You have a lovely blog hun, what do you think about following each other? let me know :) xox

    My Blog : The Style Khaleesi

  3. Wow how nice of them to give you such a generous amount of samples! I have really bad skin at the moment, maybe I should do it as well? Although I feel embarrassed to show my skin to other people T_T" But I'm so glad the products worked for you, I hope I can find a Clinique counter once I'm back home! :)


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