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Lately I've been lustering over getting more MAC products because I just want this whole collection of MAC items! So far I've been eyeing the lipsticks and there are a few colours I've been eyeing for a very long time but never really had the incentive to really purchase them. So......... considering it's my birthday coming up in 3 weeks time and seeing how I'll be working a lot lately (and I know I should be saving) I can't help but wanting to splurge on cosmetics (once again)

So far on my wishlist are mainly the lippies, I'm obviously planning to get them in the states considering I can get so much more over there as opposed to paying the price of two lippies here in Australia. I wanna do a big haul so I don't have to order and wait so long from the US and also not bother my cousin's busy schedule! She's so awesome for paying for the shipping and also sending it over here, so thanks Lila!

Anywho, here my MAC Wishlist, I don't even know if I'm going to get all of this but I might as well!

Lipsticks - $14.50 each (AU: $36)
 The ones pictured are the ones I'm definitely going to get! 

Other colours I've considered...

The Make Up Artist at the Myer Parramatta store applied CB96 for me and I was in love with it! Been eyeing it ever since.

Meltdown is a new one that was drawn to me with the flecks of sparkles but somewhat lighter and similar to CB96. Ravishing would be a lovely everyday colour.

After trying Morange at Melbourne, I got compliments on it and also loved how it looked and felt on my lips. Even my cousin liked Morange more than Booyah! (Which I tried on prior). It's so nice and smooth and  somewhat something I could pull off.

Been eyeing Vegas Volt for a very long time after Clothes Encounters (on YT) wore it in one of her OOTD videos and it looked so nice on her! Considering I have something somewhat similar from Sportsgirl (Fruit Tingle) Vegas Volt is somewhat more brighter.

Freckletone is a nice everyday nude but I'm still a bit iffy considering it's a Lustre.

I'm currently looking for corals and oranges, I really really HATE bright or really bold pinks... I don't like the way it looks on me and they don't really suit me either. I'm talking about Saint Germain and Pink Nouveau. 

Concealer - $17 (AU: $33)
  • Select Cover Up in NC30 - After trying this at Melb I fell in love with it and found myself constantly using my cousin's one. Must get it!

Translucent Powder - $22 (AU: $39)
  • Prep + Prime Translucent Powder/Pressed - After using my cousins one, I literally threw out my Australis one and started using this - but I had to get myself one! 

Eyeliner - $15 (AU: $30?)
  • Technokohl Liner in Graphblack - My current waterproof crayon eyeliner is bound to run out any day so this is a new replacement. 
Solutions - $20 Fix + (AU: $40?), $22 Mineralized (AU: $42?)
  • Fix + - I've been eyeing this for a very long time, tried it a couple of times and love how it feels on my face. Considering that it's $20 in the states for 100mls... Hmmm! Yes?!

Any other suggestions for the lipstick colours? Especially from the ones as shown? 

Will be doing a review soon on some items! 

Love, J


  1. That's an awesome lipstick wishlist. I would say though, if you like C98 & Meltdown - just pick one, they are remarkably similar.

    Considering what you're already looking at, you may also like Shy Girl (a soft peachy neutral), See Sheer (a muted coral) & Lady Bug (a sheer red-orange).

  2. vegas volt is my absolute fave it's such a nice color :) that's really crazy how it's doubled the price there!! Have you seen the Casual Colors collection? they have this creme lip/cheek color for $20


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