Price Drop for Shu Uemura in Australia!

Just a quick post, I know I've been massively MIA! But thought I'd let all you Shu Uemura fans or even so, those who are interested in trying their products... that Shu Uemura will be dropping LOWERING their prices.

Personally, the only thing I own from Shu Uemura is their eyelash curler and I absolutely adore it! I've been also keen on trying out their infamous Cleansing Oils which have been talked about, quite fairly in the beauty blogosphere.

With Shu Uemura joining the bandwagon of companies (Illamasqua and Lancome - whom I know from the top of my head) who are lowering their prices down in the Australian market, this is awesome news!!!

They claim to be dropping down to around 40% off their original price and will be effective from 6th of August.

To find out more, check out their website and even so David Jones (at selected Stockists across the country) - for those who reside in Sydney, I know there's a Shu Uemura stockist in Bondi Junction David Jones.

Hopefully, I will be back soon as I've been super busy and been neglecting the blog! :(

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Love, J 

*PR Released Images - In no way was I compensated or obligated to make a blog post about this press release. 


  1. That's so exciting! I'll definitely stop by my local and get the eyelash curler and maybe a small cleansing oil too. :) Thanks for the heads up!

  2. When I got this email I literally squealed! So good to see brands lowering prices :)


  3. The 150ml cleansing oil is somewhat affordable now, yay! And the eyelash curler too :) I think it might be time to retire my Shiseido one...

  4. I'm excite! I think I'll get the eyelash curler - always heard good things about it and I want to try!

  5. I just heard about the price drops as well! I just bought a bottle of their cleansing oils - the prices are an arm and a leg! But I'm loving my bottle so far so I'm definitely glad the prices have been lowered slightly.

  6. I was excited about this, it makes it slightly more affordable for us! The eyelash curler is a great price now :) I have two items by Shu Uemura- the Hard Formula Eyebrow pencil and the eyelash curler. I really want to try the cleansing oils!

  7. I saw that at David Jones. In marketing perspective, the pricing strategy came a bit too late. In customer perspective, it is still significantly more expensive than getting it online (e.g for SASA). Considering shu uemura is a japanese which it attracts more asian than whities, it is just tough :S

  8. This is so great news, it good to see that more and more brands are dropping their prices.


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