A Powerful Trio - Clinique Power Lashes Trio.

I've never really ventured out or tried much of Clinique's make up line because first of all, I already have more than enough make up as it is and secondly, it never really appealed to me or my current needs. Recently I've been trying out this Clinique Power Lashes trio containing a selection of eye products from their acquainted range.

Enclosed in this cute mesh pouch is: an All About Eyes Gel Creme in 5mls, Cream Shaper for Eyes Crayon Eyeliner in 01 black diamond & Lash Power Mascara (Long-Wearing Formula) in 01 black onyx.

First off, the All About Eyes Gel Creme. This product isn't really something new to me, since I do own the All About Eyes Serum which I adore and use religiously. I get puffy eyes all the time so I was curious to see if the All About Eyes Gel Creme was any better.

This size of product I received is just around the size of a tealight candle, it's freaking adorable! The gel creme itself is very emollient and soaks into the skin quite quickly leaving the eye area moisturised and hydrated.

In terms of the anti-puffing properties, I couldn't really tell... I think the serum is a much better fit for me - since it does contain a roller ball with a cold compress to aid the puffiness, whilst this is just a gel creme.

It claims to reduce dark circles, which I can't really comment too much on cause I couldn't see much of a gradual difference. My dark circles aren't too bad or that prominent so I would say this would be aimed for those who have evidently visible dark circles as opposed to mine, since mines just a slight minor tinge of darkness. So I'll pass.

For the price you pay for the All About Eyes Gel Creme, (coming in at $58 for 15ml) it's really steep here in Australia but if you're interested I would say go to a Clinique counter and try it out for yourself. I think the travel size version (which is what I have here) always comes in a gift set to trial out, so if you're a Clinique regular - try it when you get your hands on it.

(All About Eyes Gel Creme, The Long-Wearing Mascara & Eyeliner)

As for the Cream Shaper Eye Crayon, I wasn't really expecting much for a pencil eyeliner since I'm not a huge fan of them in general cause I hate sharpening them and I'm a retractable eyeliner lover!

I wasn't really determined to see if this would 'Wow' me over or not. But surprisingly, giving the 'crayon' a test run I really quite like it! It's creamy (as claimed) so it glides on so effortlessly and it doesn't tug (a plus!) and also it actually stays put all day!

The crayon (or pencil) reminds me much of the Australis 10hr Waterproof Eyeliners. It has a slight tinge of sparkle in it, nothing too dramatic and it's not as hardcore dark. It's more of a shimmery grey eyeliner (reminds me of a Charcoal colour) than black which is pretty versatile I would say.

I used it on my waterline and also on my upper lash line and it was there ALL DAY. (Surprisingly, I didn't expect it to stay) I didn't even use a primer and I have oily lids so I was highly impressed!  I never really had any luck with pencil eyeliners so I'm highly impressed.

Moving along, what I was really excited to try out was the Clinique Lash Power (Long-Lasting) Mascara  despite using my beloved Diorshow Iconic and Tarte Lights Camera Lashes Mascaras (which are my favourites), I thought nothing would win me over but... I think the mascara probably might hit the mark and creeps it way into my favourites and make it to the 3rd spot.

I've been using it non-stop ever since I got the mascara and I've been using it over my other two. The thing that won me over was that IT ACTUALLY HOLDS THE CURL. *Bows down to the mascara gods* LOL! I love you.

Not only that, it stays put, separates my lashes nicely by coating them evenly and I don't think it smudges at all (or barely - didn't notice).

Mascara Comparison (Up: Clinique, Down: Tarte Lights Camera Lashes)

The brush is also nifty because it gets into all the lashes coating them generously and fanning them out with a nice natural look (so no volume there!). The staying power is amazing and removing it is bit of a mission as it clings so well onto the lashes.

Overall, I'm surprised! Out of the whole trio I would HIGHLY recommend the mascara especially if you have stick thin short lashes like me. I urge you to go have a try or even so, if you get the chance do obtain a travel size to try out.

If you're wondering, you can check out the following products on the Clinique AU website. This particular set I was given was a Harrods exclusive so if you're interested, you can purchase the trio here and Harrods does ship internationally!

Hope you've enjoyed this LENGTHY review and let me know in the comments below if you've tried anything that you've loved from Clinique's make up range and also if you personally use any of the products mentioned! I'm curious to know what your thoughts are :)

Love, J 

*Disclosure:These products were sent to me for review purposes. I've included original PR links (Harrods) and also links of my own. All my opinions are my own and are do not affect my thoughts. For more information please see my Disclosure Policy. 


  1. I haven't tried any of Clinique makeup products before, but I've heard there this moisturizer that's really moisturizing!

    1. I think you're talking about the Moisture Surge Moisturiser? I use that :)


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