The Basic Lazy Face (Winter Routine)

Hi guys! I've been busy (as usual) so that's why I haven't been posting! Right now I'm free from the horrid exams, yay!

Also, I'll be heading to Melbourne next Wednesday so my blog will be quiet... not that it hasn't been quiet for a while!

Anyways... onto the post! Ever since Uni started for me this semester, I've been lazier at applying my make up (surprising? Yeah I know.) I haven't been putting that much effort into applying my blush, bronzer, lipstick etc. unless I have time and that I'm really bothered and by bothered if there's photos bound to be taken I'll probably put in that extra effort.

For those who know me, I try to keep my makeup as natural as possible, you'll never see me with a smokey eye or anything dramatic because...... let's face it... I'm not that spontaneous enough to wear it though I'm kind of a make up noob when it comes to looks!

Now a days it's just face and eyeliner and that's it! Oh and the brows too. I remember last year I put a bit of time and effort whilst getting ready but... 'nobody got time for that! Especially for the busy person I am now. (Or correction, lazy)

Anyways, since it's winter my face tends to get a little drier and I've been using a variety of BB creams and Tinted Moisturisers to allow some moisturisation for my face.

Today I'm just gonna show you some products that I've been reaching out for lately for my easy peezy lazy natural/flawless face look. (No self shots apparently but just images of products that I've been reaching out!)

I've been trying out this new Australis Matte Out Face Base* and I love how I can apply this on my T Zone and not have it getting all oily. I always tend to get an oily T Zone throughout the day and I love how it mattifies the T-Zone. This product swatches clear, so no - you would have purple streaks on your face nor do you have to blend it out! Staying power is mediocre though, I can get through a day but the oil control is quite excellent. It reminds me of those foundation sticks but it's in purple and has this floral scent. 

Rimmel BB Cream 9 in 1 - Not my favourite but I like how it has a primer already in it's formula and along other moisturising properties and goodness. This is a huge lazy face essential - just apply it and if you like, set it with powder! I would use this on days where I have work or just need some evenness on my face in a flash. If it's a special occasion like a party, outing or where I need my make up to last - I'll use my Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation (in which I should blog about real soon!)

In my case, I use MAC Mineralise Skinfinish in Medium to set my make up. But before that, I like to conceal any redness or blemishes with the Benefit's Some Kind-a gorgeous Foundation (in a Mini) in Medium which provides me with that natural flawless look. It's quick and easy. 

For the lips I use the Korres Lip Butter in Mango and I LOVE this stuff. It's so moisturising and gives my lips a little colour. Throughout the day, I apply my Bloom Watermelon Crush Lip Balm or any other lip balm I carry on my either the Korres Lip Butter or the Maybelline Baby Lips which is somewhere in one of my bags. 

As for eyeliner, it's nothing too special. I didn't take a photo but it's just a basic black crayon eyeliner and my Dollywink Liquid eyeliner. I haven't curled my lashes in so long or bothered to apply mascara now a days, so I've been uber lazy. 

Anyways, hope you enjoyed this post. A bit bland but it's what I've been sporting lately for my lazy look. Let me know if you ever go through a phase where you just use less makeup or what not! I want to know :) Shall see you REAL soon!

Love, J 

Disclaimer: Products marked with an * were sent for consideration but I was not obligated to review the item. All items posted here are purchased with my own money. 


  1. Great post! The Australis matte base sounds like a good product.

  2. omgosh when I opened the tester for the Australis Matte Out in the shops I was so shocked. Why is it purple? Does it swatch clear?
    I love posts like these- I was tempted to do one the other day but decided to wait til after I've finished my exams haha.

  3. Great post! I really want to try the Korres lip butters - love that shade you own :)


  4. I want to try this Matte Out stick! Where did you get it from?

  5. I really really need to get one of that korres lip butter ^_~

  6. I received a mini sample of the same BB cream but i have yet to try it out! Do you think this would suit dry skin?
    lovely post, the korres lip butter is a new addition to my wish list! :D


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