L'Oreal Nude Magique BB Cream in Fair

So I've been eyeing this BB Cream for quite sometime, not that I have enough already but I was on a search for a good drugstore BB Cream.

Anyways, I snagged this BB cream after swatching it varies times in store and was quite pleased with it. L'Oreal claims that this mimics the texture and the glow of perfect bare skin, which I believe is pretty cool!

Anyways, this is the Australian version of this L'Oreal BB Cream, so if you're in the UK & US they're different variations from what I know.

First off, the BB cream has this self adjusting formula which when squeezed, it's come out white and dotty then mellows into your skin tone when blended. Just beware when purchasing this product, you would probably wanna try this out beforehand cause I mad the silly mistake of assuming that because I'm  normally a Medium tone for most products I purchased the Medium tone, which it was way too dark for me. (For reference, I'm a MAC NC25-30.)

I opted for the 'Fair' shade after swapping with a friend after she had the same thing happen to her but instead she bought Fair! Anyways, I think this Fair shade suits my Medium / Warm toned complexion really well.

I think for very fair and pale girls (especially those with Pink Tones) I don't think this would suit you. I think this product is more catered to more gold/warm toned skin types. There's testers all over Big W, Target and Priceline so be sure to test it out on your jawline and see how it reacts with your skin!

Formula wise, the BB cream is pretty liquid and applies smoothly and my skin feels smooth and hydrated. I don't know about the 24 hour hydration thing L'Oreal claims - but it feels super silky and hydrating on my skin; so I don't have the slap on any additional moisturisers without making my face feel heavy.

The coverage is very light but buildable. I use my fingers to apply the BB cream (which is a bit troublesome) just to warm up the product. But I do use a Sigma Round Top Kabuki brush to blend the foundation with for a seamless application when primer is applied prior.

(Image taken from lovelygirliebits) 

This BB Cream is great for those who don't want to wear too much make up (especially, if you're opting for a natural look). If your skin isn't really acne prone and has a few blemishes or tinges of redness (which is how my skin is) this BB cream would be perfect because it gives you that subtle flawless natural look as if your skin was naturally blemished free. Oh, and without the whole 'I can tell you have make up' look.

I've been using this BB cream on days where I'm going to do errands and going to Uni because I'm not going anywhere special or where I need that extra coverage. Longevity wise, it holds up pretty well. For a good 5-6 hours I would say. It lasts the whole day for me (typical 8-10 hours) when I set my BB cream with my MAC Mineralise Skin Finish so... it's all good.

I would highly recommend this BB cream to girls who wants a bit of coverage but without the whole cake face and heavy foundation feeling. That being said, school girls! Great BB cream to wear to school if you wanna cover up some blemishes and have an even complexion!

It has an SPF 12 and it's super hydrating so it's really good for a 'tinted moisturiser' BB cream. Okay, they should really just name this a tinted moisturiser - seriously! But anyways, for the price coming at $26. It's a bit hefty, but be sure to checkout for sales on L'Oreal products. I've seen it go down to $16 once (which is when I purchased mine) and it would probably last you a good few months.

As a drugstore BB cream, I would say it's really good for what it delivers. Despite the fact that I don't think much of it as a BB cream. In hindsight, if you're a medium/warm toned girl who has a few blemishes and wants to cover redness but don't want to look like you're wearing foundation then this BB cream is for you.

Hope this review of this BB cream (damn I've said that at least 10 times already) was helpful! Let me know if you use this or if you're interested in purchasing this BB cream too!

I'll be back soon with a review soon!

Love, J 

*This product has been purchased out of my own pocket, I was not paid or reimbursed in any way. All my opinions are mine, for more information please see my disclosure policy. 


  1. I really wanted to try this out, but it's not for me sadly.. I'm too pale! Although I have to say it's one of the nicest BB creams I've tried out, really soft and not too oily like others!
    Lucky you had a friend to swap with!

  2. Great review! Haven't used this in yonks so may need to whip it out again!

  3. I wanted to love this so much, my mum swears by it. It turned bright orange on me however. So sad. I love the bb powered though, it's HG material in my opinion. Glad it worked for you :)

  4. i've been curious about this for a while now but i'm always so skeptical of bb creams coz they always break me out ;c
    i have the bb blush from this range though and i absolutely love the natural rosy glow it gives c:

    à la foliee

  5. I really enjoy wearing this, I love how it blurs my huge pores :) Great review, thank you.

  6. I haven't tried this out but will definitely grab one of this! ^_~

  7. I love this, I've been using it daily. I actually like to use it as my base (I can even skip using a primer), and set it with my mineral powder foundation.

    Love that it doesn't break me out either. :)

    Great review, lovely!


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