Etude House Baby Doll Puff Sponge

So I've been super lazy lately, I gotten my Uni marks back - they're pretty much what I expected. I failed Programming (not surprised) cause I was horribly sick and unprepared for the final exam which caused me to lose those 6 marks I needed to pass that subject... guess I'm doing it sometime next year or so but overall I passed my subjects with credits. Other then that I've been working and also trying to figure out to do my very first tax return... how annoying.

Anywho down to the review! I ordered this Etude House Baby Doll Puff from eBay after seeing it featured on Popblush's blog. It took around exactly 2 weeks to arrive from South Korea (I ordered it the day before I left for Melbourne and a day or so after I arrived back it arrived at my mailbox!). It was $9.20AU + Free Shipping and I've been using it ever since!

I've been looking for a beauty sponge after seeing how foundation application looks so flawlessly awesome and effortless and I just love the blending ability of this little sponge. To me it's more than just a typical cosmetic sponge, it has these grooves to maneuver into the crevices of the face. Also when I finish applying my foundation I like to buff out the excess and make my face looked polished with this sponge as well.  

So for $9.20 it's pretty good, I never owned those infamous beauty blender sponges but I heard these ones are just as good. Obviously the beauty blender would probably be x10 better in quality considering how they're $40 but this would definitely do for those who are trying out sponge applicators (like me!) and also on a budget. I believe in the US there is a Sonia Kashuk one just like this but in blue (available in US Target) for like $3-4US? But what I saw on eBay was like $12AU... 

Apparently you're suppose to wet this sponge for a better application or something but I have bounded to try that out. Overall, I adore this product and use it in conjunction with my Sigma Brushes and alternating between the sponge and the brushes. For me this is like a polisher/buffer for my face. 

Have you tried any beauty sponges or would you like to try them?

Also, I'll be doing a guest post on Makeup&Macaroons in the following week or so so keep your eyes out for that!

Love, J.


  1. the packaging is so adorable! shame about your should have applied for special consideration!

  2. The box is so cute!
    It looks exactly likie the beauty blender! Is there any other differences besides the price?

  3. I'm yet to find out my first sem's results *shakes fist at uni*

    The babushka print on the packaging is so cute! I've heard great things about the Beauty Blender but I'm a creature of comfort and always sticking to my flat top and stippling brushes for foundation application. This one doesn't break the bank though, I think I'll give it a go :)

  4. Ahh you bought it~~ ^_^

    I agree that it helps apply the foundation into those hard to blend areas, especially around the nose and eyes. I also find that it applies my foundation evenly and prevents cakiness. I haven't tried it yet with the sponge damp - sounds like it'll give a lovely finish~ The only thing I find with sponges generally is that it soaks up more product than brushes. What I do sometimes is buff the foundie in with a brush first, then even out and blend with the Baby Doll sponge =)

    Thanks for the mention hun! xx

  5. aww.. his is so plainly beautiful and cute!! Who won't want to have this cutey sponge! :) is my blog. I invite u to visit it.. I if you like it, do follow. I'd be real glad. :)


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