OPI Just Spotted The Lizard

So I bought this nail polish on eBay for $12AU the free postage - it was incredibly fast considering it was in Sydney (and yeah, I live in Sydney). So it only took 2 business days. 

Pictured here is Just Spotted The Lizard and I layered it ontop of my China Glaze For Audrey which I previously had on. I was at Uni studying with my boyfriend and my friend and I had my opened package with this nail polish and decided to paint my nails on my study break. Hehehe!

It may look a tad deceiving but I promise you without For Audrey on my nails it would look merely the same! You can snag some really cheap OPI's on ebay and I always get skeptical incase they're fake. I checked all the OPI's I've bought from ebay (3 to be exact) and they're all real. 

To See If You Have A Fake OPI: 
You can tell if they're real by the plastic brush handle inside is embossed with OPI and also the pro wide brush (meaning you can easily paint your nails in one go) - other than that another giveaway is also the code printed on the bottom of the bottle (you can merely see it in the image above) as well as the code matching the code on the bottom (where the nail of the nail polish is displayed). There are heaps of internet resources on how to determine if it's fake or not but this is my quick recap of it!

Also another reason why I got this nail polish is because it is a 99.9% Dupe for Chanel's Peridot. Many blogs online that I read say Chanel's Peridot is not worth it's price tag. Despite Chanel's Nail Polishes have an anti-stop thingo... You know, if you tip your nail polish it won't spill. (Apparently from what my Uni friend told me - cause she owns Chanel Nail Polishes)

When I first saw Peridot I wasn't so amazed because the colour combination wasn't so appealing to me at first but after seeing so many people owning Peridot and also I love to collect unique nail polishes, I was like... I'll just get OPI's one. It's nearly half the price considering OPI RRP for $19.95AU and Chanel is $40AU here. I couldn't go wrong with a 99.9% Dupe. 

Here's some images I grabbed from Google and comparison to Chanel's Peridot. 

(Image from Temptalia)

(Image from Vampy Varnish)

I'm really loving this colour, it's a unique duo toned colour with hints of gold and green. It's part of OPI's Spiderman collection and usually retails for $19.95AU a bottle here at David Jones/Myer Stores. 

Love, J


  1. Definitely looks like a dupe of Peridot. What eBay seller did you buy it from? I am so clueless with eBay :p Debating whether I should pick this one up ... it's unique and interesting, but not sure if I'd really enjoy wearing it. But still, lovelovelove OPI :)

    1. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/320907752888?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649 The Link is just here, her username is: music-fashion_sparkle-icious enjoy!

  2. Very nice colour. I think it will look very nice layered over a black polish too.


  3. it's so glam, very pretty!

  4. This is such a unique color I love it! Thannk you for sharing ! Maybe we can follow each other ?

  5. This is such a pretty shade! I absolutely LOVE duochromes, and this one doesn't disappoint. Thanks for the swatches :)


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