Random Make Up Tips!

Here are some make up tips that I found online, I forgot where I found them - Some you may already know and maybe some you mightn't! (Update 22/11, Source: Make Up Tips)
  • When contouring your cheek bones end it a fingers width away from the corner of your mouth so it’s in line with your pupil, other wise it will look unnatural and will hollow you out.
  • While your lashes are still wet from mascara remove any clumps by lightly pushing a fan brush lightly over the top of your lashes.
  • If you have very dry skin on your face or body use a hand cream instead of a regular face or body cream. These are generally packed full of more hydrating ingredients and antioxidants to replenish skin.
  • For a more sculpted face apply a foundation in a shade lighter on your Tzone and for the outer parts of your face use a darker tone.
  • If you find your under eye concealer often looks dry and cakey mix a small amount of brightening eye cream or a hydrating primer with it and apply, although you may need to use more concealer the area will look brighter and less cakey.
  • If you’re out of eyeliner take a small precise eyeliner brush and dip the head into your mascara and apply over the lash line. Just ensure it’s not a mascara that flakes and for best results use one thats waterproof.
  • Make a bold coloured lipstick less bright by applying a beige/nude coloured lipstick underneath, the more sheerer you want it, the more beige you apply.
  • Massage your temples before applying makeup, this stimulates the blood flow making the skin appear more radiant and awake.
  • When putting a darker shadow in the crease blend it very well and layer lighter colours over the top this will make your eyes look larger and contoured!
  • Always apply your blush a little higher then you think you should, because applying blush to low will drag down your features instead of bringing them out.
  • If your lips are extremley dry mix a drop of lemon juice in with your regular lip balm and apply. Lemon naturally exfoliates lips without any harsh beads.
  • If you use a powder foundation don’t set it with a translucent powder, it will just look cakey and unnatural.
Love, J


  1. great tips, it's always good to remind ourselves on some of them, even if we've read it before.. :)

  2. omg thanks for the tips!! i will be massaging my temples a lot hehehe
    anyway now a follower!! i fell in love with your blog haha! ^3^

    hope you stop by mine!


  3. I didn't know about the massaging temples! :)

  4. Why hadn't I thought of using mascara as a make-shift eyeliner! Going to give that a try sometime~

  5. Thank you so much for these tips!! :D


  6. i love the tip to blend lighter shadows over a darker crease color! and I wanna let you know that I'm having a Summer Fun Giveaway : ) Hopefully you enter!

  7. oh wow, fantastic tips! i never thought of mascara as eyeliner but very clever haha


  8. Hey :)

    I think you may of got these from the numbered tips section of my blog (http://makeuptips-blog.com/numberedtips) if you wouldn't mind it would be great if you could credit my blog for these tips :)



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