Face of Australia Illuminators

So here is my promised review for Face of Australia's Mineral Therapy Illuminators. 
I have here Angel Blush and Angel Mist. This going to be quick and short! I do try to be as elaborate as I can! 

Angel Mist (Left) and Angel Blush (Right)

What I love about this product is that you get heaps for $14~  I mean, I barely doubt I would finish it in a whole year! A little goes a long way for these babies. The Angel Mist one is much comparable to Benefit's Moon Beam which I've tried several times and personally don't like. I don't know why but I love Face of Australia's one better. 

Do apply with caution as you should only tab a small pea size amount on the cheeks and blend (which in my case, I use Angel Blush as a liquid blush and set it with my blusher from my Elf Duo Compact). As for the Angel Mist, BE VERY VERY CAUTIOUS because adding too much would obviously make you look like a huge disco ball (and we don't want that happening). 

The best thing about these is the fact that it's a multi-purpose product. Obviously with any make up you are not limited to what the product is. You can use Angel Mist all over face highlight by adding it to your foundation (apparently you can do that - says on the packaging). Also as a liquid eyeshadow and setting it with powder. 

Overall, I was a bit skeptic about these products when I first tried them. I didn't like them as much but now it's part of my favourites! 

They can be found in any stockists where Face of Australia is found like Fashion Addict (google that) and also Big W, Priceline, Target etc. They're around $14 (varies from store) and you can heaaaaaaaaaps. Probably the amount of your typical moisturiser! So worth the money! 

Love, J


  1. Angel Mist looks super illuminating! You do get tonnes of product for the price, it's definitely a good buy if you like multipurpose liquid illuminators :)

  2. Thanks for the review, must get it! I was looking for a cheap highlighter, as lost my Benefit's (which was almost new) couple of weeks ago :)))

  3. The color of Angel Blush looks similar to the MAC Extra Dimension MSF in Superb!

    I personally love liquid highlighters too especially when mixed with my foundation :)


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