Wen by Chaz Dean. Sweet Almond Mint Styling Creme

When my mum saw this product from some TV shopping thing she was watching one late night. She asked if she could use my credit card and order it for her. I was so skeptical about it because I really hate TV informericals and TV shopping things - they're usually really overpriced and ridiculously marketed at idiots who impulse buy stuff. (Bad experience with buying things on tv which is why I wrote that) anywho, after paying $150 for this hair care package and trying it out and all - my mum and I tried - I was in loveeeeeee with it and have not found any other product in Australia or anything like this in the stores.

I shall be talking about one of the product in this Wen Package, you can by such Wen products individually online.

What I love about Wen Styling Creme is that it makes my hair uber smooth and repaired after 1 application. For me this an instant treatment for my hair and you don't have to wash it off which I like. It's like a leave in conditioner thing basically, it's organic and also awesome for those with damaged and dry hair - due to colouring hair and using straighteners. With the contents and also the scent of Sweet Almond Mint, it's refreshing on application and also great for those with dandruff.

My mum bought the whole 90 day Wen package which included like a travel bag, shampoo, conditioner, styling creme, texture balm and a mirror and comb. And she has never turned back to using her ordinary Dove Shampoos. She swear by Wen and we recently bought our second package on ebay containing this Styling Creme (in 120ml), a large 400ml cleansing conditioner and 112g treatment for $99 delivered.

Wen is pricey but so worth what you get and also the results are phenomenal. You can check out their website for their whole range which includes shampoos and conditioners. 

Right now i've been using their conditioner and this styling creme which I apply nearly everyday or every other day after I shower. You apply the styling creme when your hair is still wet and style accordingly after. I've been getting heaps of complements about how smooth and silky my hair is and I love this product to death!

I found that buying Wen products on ebay is slightly cheaper. This styling creme is around $30AU~  on ebay for 120ml. Which will last you probably 3 months - depending on how much you use it. You cannot find these in stores in Australia but you can try Guthy Ranker or the actual Wen website (which they only offer in packages). I say this is better than the Macadamic Oil one that I previously used and I would choose this over that any day!

Hope you liked my review and I will be doing a John Frieda Hair Colour Foam Giveaway reeeeeeal soon!

Love, J


  1. Cool! Glad that you found WEN Haircare products great and that it works for you!

    I've been abit nosy since these were included in MyGlam bags a few months ago (fyi, A beauty subscription box service in the US, by a few Youtube gurus). I've heard a few people saying that they found hairloss problems with these products!! >_<"

    But the packaging looks so so pretty!


    1. Oh yeah I know what MyGlam is! And with every shampoo it's not one size fits all I don't get any hairloss though!


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