Real Techniques Foundation & Kabuki Brush

So last Friday, I received these Real Technique brushes in the mail. It was really quick shipping cause I paid for express shipping and I was also in need of new brushes. 

I purchased the Kabuki brush purely for traveling purposes despite it not being a retractable brush (which I'm still trying to find a cheap and good quality one) it still does justice. I love it regardless, even though it might get a little messy if not taken care properly. 

The foundation brush was kinda a substitute for my Sigma F40 brush, I wanted to use that 'Foundation' brush as a blush brush but so far I've purely just been using it as a Foundation brush... so meh.

The brushes are really good quality. They're very comparable to the Sigma brushes but I find these more sturdy and also cheaper as well. The Foundation brush stands on itself when placed upwards and the Kabuki brush opens in half in order to be used as a contouring brush. I see these brushes much more durable compared to the Sigma brushes in terms of the packaging. The RT brushes are made out of Teklon I believe and it's made out of some sort of Metal (Aluminium?) as compared to Sigma's wooden brushes? (Correct me if I'm wrong)

The Kabuki Brush is unbelievably soft, so soft I can swipe it on my face all day. SO SO Soft, like... I love it. I gave it a few washes with my MAC Brush Cleaner and the softness is still there, which is a plus! Haha!

As for the foundation brush (pictured is when I just washed it with the MAC Brush Cleaner) I know it's looks a bit dirty (because I rushed it) but the Foundation Brush is a bit dense. I found that when I applied my liquid foundation it was a bit streaky, I had to use my Etude House Baby Doll Puff (otherwise known as an alternative Beauty Blender) to blur out all the harsh lines and such. As a blush brush it's likewise similar but I found applying blush with this brush is strangely better.

I purchased the Real Techniques Kabuki Brush for $9.99US and the Foundation Brush for $7.99. I think express shipping was $10... but normal shipping which takes 2 weeks I think cost $6. I also got $5 off for my purchase on iHerb too! 

You can use this code NUY236 to get $5 off your purchase there! 

With the comparison in prices here in Australia, Priceline is the only store that has these brushes stocked. 

We all know Australian cosmetics and any beauty related items here are highly inflated due to import taxes and what not. I believe the Kabuki Brush is not avaliable yet and the foundation brush retails for $19.99AU (which is double the price I paid on iHerb!) 

Overall, I like these brushes. I'm willing to try out more of Samantha Chapman's Real Technique brushes in the future. So glad I got these and finally tried them out for myself. It's worth the buy I say.

Have you used any Real Technique brushes before and if so which ones do you recommend? If not, which one are you willing to try out? 

Love, J 


  1. I have never tried this brand before. Nice review!!

  2. Oh I am in LOVE with these brushes! I went on a spending spree and am pleased that they are worth every cent.
    If you're looking for a decent retractable kabuki brush, ecotools have a really nice one. I personally really like it - it's quite dense but also really soft and buffs product really well. It's also completely environmentally friendly (if you're into that). But I personally like the retractable-ness of it the best, because it doesn't catch the brush hairs at all!
    I swear I don't work for them, I just really love it! haha.


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