Nail Fixation with The Face Shop & Essence

It's another Nail Fixation which I do regularly when my nails start to get all tacky and the polish is blouchy. I thought I'll share my nails that I deeply admire and also which I have on this week. 

This week I made the change from bright coral orange (Essence C'est La Vie - not pictured) which I had on spontaneously because my nails looked atrocious and I quickly painted my nail before clubbing with friends. 

After that I got bored of a plain coat of coral-orange polish, I opted for dark blue nails courtesy of The Face Shop's BL602 which I adore so so much and also putting to use the Essence Nail Polish in Blue Addicted which I bought recently for my Essence Haul (in which I will blog about real soon). 

I saw this polish first debut on Sleep & Water, after seeing her (Sorry I don't know your name!) swatch the beautiful blue (here), as well as seeing how I was eyeing Deborah Lippman's polishes, her post was at the right timing for me! 

This was 1/10 of what Deborah Lippman was sold for considering they're $26 online. Coming down to just $2.55 for the little bottle of Essence Nail Polish and accompanying it is the $4 for The Face Shop Nail Polish in BL602. This whole set including the top coat from Essence at ($3.45) is rounded up to perfect nail fixation for $10. 

I've been searching everywhere for Blue Addicted and I cannot find it anywhere! Until my local Priceline recently stocked and installed a full shelf of Essence products and I was quick to grab this along with other things I wanted to try and haul. I also saw Tram that day at the shopping centre too! Haha! 

The Face Shop Nail Polish was purchased by my cousin at Melbourne (when I was there) It was $4 at some Korean store which stocks all Korean Cosmetics (which I cannot remember the name of it - I think it was called Ecoshop or Eco something!) but it was at Glen Waveley near Coles (which is all I can remember)

2-3 layers of BL602 from The Face Shop. 
Love the reflects of glitter in this polish and the colour is beyond beautiful. 

Then a generous layer of Essence's Blue Addicted, probably around 2 coats is enough and seal it with a top coat after applying and allowing that coat to settle in. 

Hope you like this nail fixation which I currently have on my nails. I admire it so so much! I'm also keen on trying the magnetic nail polishes but... we'll see about that. 

Love, J 


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