Updated Birthday Wishlist!

I still haven't decided on what and where to do my birthday. I don't even know... it's another week til my birthday and I thought I'll update my wishlist... Since friends and family have been asking me and I've been politely refusing... I can't help myself but wish for a few things I would like to get, so... for those... who are getting me a present (without sounding so rude) thanks in advance, I know I'll be thanking you heaps more in person HEHEHE. But seriously.

Considering I'll be 21 next year, I've got bigger plans for that instead. But for now I think i'm going to keep it low key and simple with dinner and all but still indecisive as ever.  

I've already bought my much needed watch. I decided that I opted for the Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch instead of the Marc Jacobs one I lusted for - for almost a year. This decision was made after I actually tried on the watch at Melb and was dissatisfied with the leather and that a practical choice would be the Michael Kors one (in which I will show once I get it delivered to me!)

I've already splurged on MAC goodies (see my wishlist here) from America so that's covered... LOL. Working hard to pay for my addictions... it's what's keeping me happy...!

Things I want to get for my birthday:

Here are the following items I want/consider get for my birthday! They're not in any particular order but I think I would love to get the jeans and also the Clinique because I've been eyeing them heaps!

Ksubi Brenda Blue Skinny Pins - $140 (On Revolve Clothing) - $120 with 15% coupon I have. 
I fell in love with these after my cousin suggested to me that I should get these jeans. She has a pair and she loves them to death. I tried it on at Myer's Glen Waverley (When at Melb) and it looked so FREAKING awesome on me - much better than my Dr Denims. Actually better than all the other jeans I've ever bought - including my holy grail Grab Jeans. 

Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions System - $117 at David Jones/Myers
or the Starter Kit (Smaller version of this) - $67
Because, all the drugstore brands have not done justice and I'm hoping that this will help clear my congested skin. 

Clinique 3 Step Kit in Combination Oily (Starter Kit) - $49 
Just for my everyday face cleansing routine! Been eyeing this for a while as well! 

Only because I don't have a good quality wallet, I'm always changing wallets but this is really pretty and also I wouldn't mind getting a new wallet and that this is simple and would go with any outfit if I decide to carry this by itself like a clutch, also fits heaps of things!

Benefit's Hello Flawless Foundation in I'm So Money Honey - $55
I don't mind getting a new foundation because I'm nearly running out and wanting to try this one for quite some time!

It's either that foundation or the one I've head my eye MORE on... 

NARS Sheer Glow Foundation in Santa Fe - $68 (Mecca Cosmetica) / $52 from KissandMakeUpNY 

I think I prefer this over the Benefit one because it makes me skin look so flawless and also has a lot of benefits from this formulation... Ha, benefits...! 

But my friend Shela said she'll be getting the either foundation for my birthday so I have that somewhat covered! Ahhhh she just had to tell me and spoil me! Haaaaaa, I love you! 

Marc Jacob Daisy Eau So Fresh 

I know this perfume is heaps expensive so I don't expect anyone to get it for me, also I was so crazy about it before that now I kinda got over it. I think it's the fact that I usually get perfume for my birthday... But I don't mind because I ABSOLUTELY love this perfume. It's so me it's like ME in a bottle. Seriously. Love it. 

Lush Retread Conditioner - $23.50

Yes you probably think I'm crazy putting this on my wishlist but seriously I love this conditioner and I need more of it. I ran out :( 
I love this conditioner I mean... IT SMELLS AWESOME and makes my hair super sexy and awesome. Okay? Hahaha

iPad 3 Cover

 My current one is slowly dying and wearing out. I really want to buy a good quality one.. but I never wanna pay over $20.. cause I'm cheap like that. But I would prefer something like this.. and probably a detachable keyboard? But that's not a big necessity... 

Silver 18cm Pandora Bracelet - $80 + Charm 
I've always wanted a pandora but I didn't want to get it myself, I'm hoping I'll get it as a present this year with a cute charm on it :D hehehe

American Apparel Nail Polish - $14 each (3 for $28) 
When I was at Melbourne, I popped into the American Apparel store on Chapel St and I so regret not picking these up. Only because I was somewhat strapped for cash and I didn't want to spend on nail polish. But this time I'm hoping I can get this for my birthday. My friend Shela & I are planning to head to the AA store soon to grab some much wanted things and I think the nail polishes are definitely something I want to get. I love the colours! 

Palm Springs

I really can't think of anything else, but this is probably what I would like to get for my birthday. 

I remember for my 17th birthday my friends got me a label maker (cause I always wanted one) yes, I know that sounded so lame but omggggg, i wanted one for so long. It was so cute of them to get me a blue one too! (which is my favourite colour!) To this day I still use it! 

I'm planning to knock out the jeans when I get my pay check because I can snag it for $120 as opposed to paying $180 at General Pants Co, but I'll see about that.. 

5 Things I need to do after my birthday:

  1. Get my Green P's - For those who aren't from Australia, it means getting my drivers licence well... I already have it but this removes the restrictions I currently have on my Red P's. 
  2. Start saving up for my trip to the Gold Coast at the end of the year
  3. Get my Defqon 1 Ticket! Um yeaaaaaaaaah, I am going this year! 
  4. Get my Stereosonic Ticket?! - Round 2 this year of Stereosonic goodness?! And also see Avicii for the 2nd time?! 
  5. Do my tax return before October. Super dooper annoying and a pain! 
Oh and probably and actually plan for my 21st... but that can obviously wait til next year. LOL. 

Anywho, what wonderful presents have you've gotten for your birthday? 

Love, J


  1. That's a great wishlist. i LOVE LOVE LOVE those nail polish colors!!!!

    I lost my label maker :(

    Happy Birthday in advance.

    PS. 2 decades ain't nothin'... I've got a whole decade on you. ;)

  2. great wish list!! I'd love all those things too :) especially the jeans! they are so hard to shop for :(

  3. I'm sure those Ksubi jeans look really great on you! It's such a buzz to find a pair of jeans that flatter and fit really well. Love the AA colours as well, especially Palm Springs and Office. Hope you have a fantastic birthday :)

  4. The nailpolishes are so cool!
    Nice wishlist =)

  5. palm springs and the bracelet would def be on my wishlist. cute blog girl! :)


  6. Oh wow! You like retread? I bought it and it made my hair smell so gross. I kept gagging after my shower HAHAHHA used it twice and never again. I just have the tub sitting there

  7. All the people I know who've tried on those Ksubis look wonderful in them. Oh and that NARS foundation was my favourite on you :) hope you got them!


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