Australis 10hr Wear Eyeliner in Aqua Attack

Australis 10 Hour Wear Eye Pencils are long-lasting, waterproof eyeliners that deliver smooth, hyper-pigmented colour that stays put. The eyeliners combine the benefits of liquid and pencil eyeliners. Combining the intense colour and longevity of a liquid eyeliner with pencil application, the highly pigmented, long-lasting liner glides on smoothly to create a bold outline without the need for touch-ups. 

I'm a huge Australis fan, it's one of my favourite drugstore brands in Australia and I love the quality of their products, the affordable price and also their range. 

I received Aqua Attack which is a nice bright electric blue colour and at first I was intimidated by the colour as the only eyeliner I would wear is either brown or black. I wasn't so sure what to wear it with since I don't really experiment with bright colours but after stepping out of that comfort zone I gave it a go and wore the eyeliner.

What I liked about the eyeliner was the colour, it's so pigmented and bright - it's vibrant! It is definitely soft and the pencil glides on easily and won't drag onto your eye lids. It reminds of the Milani Liquif'eye Eyeliner and the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eyeliner yet this being the Australian alternative and version.

What I also like and also what Australis claims that it lasts for 10 hours. Indeed it does. How do I know this? I wore it throughout the day and it lasted pretty well but I did notice a little fade in colour which is practically normal. That being said, there was no reapplying needed because during a typical 10-12 hour day that pretty much the span of the holding power.

Swatch in Aqua Attack. 

The only thing I didn't like about this product is that it's a pencil - meaning you have to sharpen it. I kept twisting the bottom hoping it was a crayon but unfortunately it wasn't! (how funny!)  I wish it was a crayon (this is personal preference anyways) because when it comes to long lasting eyeliner for me it's either liquid or crayon and I never buy pencil besides my brow pencil... because it was the cheapest I could find - but other than that. 

I wish there was a bigger colour range. At the moment there's only 3 colours (Aqua Attack, Bombastic Bronze and Grape Cake) but considering this is a brand new product I hope Australis expands this collection and also makes a crayon version of this because I would definitely buy it!

I know many people are use to sticking to the traditional pencil eyeliners, so I'm not way too fussed about it. 

Overall, it's a great eyeliner, the colour range is suited to those who would experiment with bright and bold colour eyeliner yet being on a budget. It's cheaper than the Urban Decay & the Milani (in terms of postage etc) so picking this up literally for $9.95 is a bargain. It's pretty good quality and also will last you quite a while!

As always it is available at Priceline, Big W, Target & anywhere else Australis products is sold. Also Priceline has 20% off Australis Face Products I believe... Something like that - pretty sure. So you can also check out other wonderful things that Australis has to offer.

Have you tried Urban Decay or Milani Eyeliners? What are your thoughts and would you pick up this Australis one!? 

Love, J.

*PR Sent for Consideration. My opinions and thoughts are true and are not bias whatsoever. For more information please see my disclosure policy. 


  1. I have a review on this on my blog too! I am the opposite to you...I love bright eyeliners! I still need my standard black/brown eyeliner in my collection though :P

    I have tried the milani black eyeliner and I am not a fan. It transfers and performs poorly on the waterline :/

  2. I have had the other two shades of this on my wishlist, the bronze is just amazing and though I think this blue is super pretty, I don't think I'd get as much use out of it as the two others. Knowing me I will still pick it up though ;P


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