July's Lust Have It

Hi There! I apologise for not blogging about June's Lust Have It Box because I was really disappointed with it and I didn't really do much on reviewing it since I was caught up with my prep for my trip to Melbourne, but considering that Semester 2 of Uni is approaching real soon (next Monday for me) and also considering that my birthday is fast approaching... we've passing nearly into the third quarter of the year! 

Without further ado, I received my July Lust Have It box this morning and when I opened it, I was sort of excited when I opened it and then when I saw the lip gloss I was like... uh... ew. Then after seeing 2 Avene samples and the Matrix Shampoo & Conditioner I was like.. it's somewhat better than last month? I wish there was like a nail polish or some eyeshadow cause it seems so repetitive?

Cannot stress the amount of body lotions I've gotten from previous beauty boxes and also shampoo and conditioners but this is good, I'm in need of a new conditioner since I ran out of mine :(

It's so odd seeing a Tigi brand and that it's not a hair product. I never knew in a million years that Tigi would come up with a lip gloss, I don't use lip gloss. I hate lip gloss, I tend to have this bad reaction towards lip gloss which is way I only stick with my lip balm and lipstick. So... I'll probably give this away to someone... 

Pure Fiji Hydrating Body Lotion looks somewhat promising, I'm not a huge body lotion person I wish this was a body gel or shower gel (same thing?) yeah... something for the shower. I loathe at how many body lotions (from all variations like hand / body / face etc) I get all the time from these subscriptions (I'm looking at the previous culprit, Glossybox) 

I'm excited to try out the Avene Gentle Eye Make Up Remover, looks unique and interesting and I just noticed that there's an Avene Scrub, YAY i'm excited! 

Overall, the box wasn't too bad it was pretty average to me. I hope August will be surprising and awesome!  

Love, J 


  1. I think the Avene products save this month's subscription from being a bad one. I've always wanted to try something from Avene :) xx

  2. This month's beauty box looks good! I hardly use body lotion/gels, and I don't use gloss either cos I have big lips and gloss makes em look oily and bigger -_- BALM ALL THE WAY! The make up remover and shampoo/condition pack sounds good!

    Hehe, of course I'd mention you in my post! Thank you for the dye again!
    <3 Gerry

  3. I've tried the Pure Fiji shower gel in Pineapple and loved it, I'd love to see a review on the orange lotion! I love the idea of Avene in these boxes, french skincare is the best!


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