Fing'rs Nail Bling - Tiger Striped Nails

I'm not a huge fan of animal print, i'd be the last person on earth to ever really like them. Sorry! But anywho, I got sent this Fing'rs Flirt Nail Bling in this Tiger Striped Design? I don't know... Tigers? LOL. Anywho, I thought I'll give them ago and try them on despite how I loathe the print. 

I previously hate orange nail polish on and I'm in need of taking that polish off asap! 

I had to trip some of the edges of the stickers in order to let it fit onto my nail then I applied it with a matte top coat cause I couldn't find my normal top coat.... 

Overall, I liked it at first then after 10-15 minutes it got in the way, started peeling off and also the top coat did nothing! I don't know if I sealed it properly or not but I'm pretty sure if I trimmed the stickers a little bit more and allowed it to seal properly on my nails it would end up looking patchy (if you know what I mean?) in order to seal them properly. I don't know... I woke up the next day and it peeled off during my sleep, peeled off during the day and overall I just disliked it! But if you had any luck with them please let me know! The Fing'rs come in many designs and are avaliable at Priceline. Normally $7.99 but are on sale at Priceline for $6.49 at the moment. 

Have any of you tried these stickers? I'm gonna say I'll pass for now. Hope the next time I try them they will be heaps better. 

Love, J

*PR has sent this item for consideration. My thoughts and opinions are not bias and are honest. For more information please see my disclosure policy. 

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  1. I don't like animal print either. Or stick-on nails :/


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