Late Afternoon Sushi Train Lunch

Nothing too special about this post but i wanted to share with you my recent purchases and what i was up to! So yesterday, i got bored sitting at home and decided to go to Westfield Liverpool with my boyfriend and my sister to have a late lunch at Sushi Bay - as well as go do some shopping for miscellaneous things as well as search for a good backpack for Uni as i do not have any bags or anything decent for Uni. 

We ordered heaps and i didn't get to take photos of the scrumptious food... (sigh) but if you know Sushi Trains then yeah, the typical. I was trying to calculate how much our meal was and it was $67 but when i went to pay the man said it was $51 and i was like... ermmmm... i walked out and was asking Lorenzo if i did my calculation right. OH WELL LOL. 

Nothing special really, i was going to head to Priceline to check out the illuminating pearls that i've been eyeing on for ages yet i didn't for the sake of boring Lorenzo and tried my best not to go into any of my usual shops (like clothes and cosmetics) but i did go into Cosmo Cosmetics and told him to go without me while i just pry around in the store LOL 

Anywho I was on eBay and found this Skin 79 Diamond Star Glow Ball Powder

It's a Korean brand of cosmetics and they're famous for their BB creams. It's roughly around $15 on eBay and i wanted to do a bit more research on it before i purchase it but i'm contemplating on just using a white shimmery eyeshadow as a highlight but i'm just a bit too skeptic about it LOL and i want to add a bit more 'life' to my face...? I seriously don't know and pretty looking products that look interesting are always catching my eye... I'm a huge sucker for packaging. (So marketing companies you do a good job HAHAHA) 

Anywho i finally bought this St Ives Apricot Scrub and i've heard sooooooo much about it and i was in Coles and just got one! I used it and it made my face incredibly smooth and also smells heaps nice! I hope it will elminate those annoying blackheads i have around my nose and also unclog any other pores too! It was pretty cheap fir $9.50AUD at Coles - i don't think you can go wrong!

St. Ives Apricot Scrub - $9.50AUD

The next thing i bought was from Target and i mainly bought it and it caught my attention because it looks like those Philosophy Products. It's from the 'I love...' cosmetics brand which is made in the UK

I checked it out and manage to grab this. I was going to get a body lotion but i'm not really a lotion person so i know i won't be using it. 

It was $11.50AUD at Target and it smells lovely! I'm a bit skeptic at the part at how it's a bubble bath & shower creme but it actually works pretty well and the smell is wonderful! But I think i mainly bought it for the packaging!

I love... raspberry & blackberry Bubble Bath & Shower Creme - $11.50AUD

Squeeze me generously into the palm of your hand, rub me all over your wet skin to buff, moisturise and smooth skin to a gorgeous shine. Rinse me off when you've had enough fun to leave your skin super smooth and smelling fabulous.

Also Lorenzo & I grabbed this (obviously as an impulse) for $1 at the checkout, he asked me what kind of moisturiser he should get and wanted my advice instead he ended up choosing a cleansing scrub. LOL But as soon as we paid for our purchases at Target we instantly used this Disinfectant Spray. Omg it's so cute and it's pretty useful! Hahahaha 

I plan to go watch The Vow soon with Lorenzo because it's out and i really want to watch it because Rachel McAdams in it and Lorenzo wanted to wait til Valentines Day but i know EVERYONES going to watch it that day and i... don't wanna go on that day... LOL So yeah! 

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