Lila, The Make Up Artist.

So for those who don't know, I have a cousin who is a make-up artist! My cousin Lila who lives in Texas, Dallas. She recently moved to America probably for nearly 2 years now and she has now finished her studies a while ago at QC Makeup Academy and is a qualified Make Up Artist! She has just started out and has helped me heaps with make up and all and i suppose some of my inspiration towards make up comes from her!

Despite the fact that she lives thousands of miles away from me (on the other side of the world) we mainly communicate through Facebook. (Thank god for facebook) She is probably the closest cousins i communicate to on my dad's side. We met for the first time when i was in Year 7 when i went to Cambodia - along with my 3 other older cousins: Mey, (Not Pictured) Lina (Pictured) & Liny (Pictured). As we can see here, Lina and Liny are Lila's models and are my only fraternal twin cousins, meaning they're not identical. Pretty cool aye! Anywho, Lila is pictured in her Black Swan Inspired Make Up Below if you're wondering. I wanted to showcase some of her work here and also if you have any comments i will be happy to pass them along to Lila as she is still in her early stages on creating a portfolio. All your support will be great! 

Lady Gaga Inspired Look - Liny
Animation Inspired Look - Lina

Valentines Inspired Look - Lina


There's heaps more and there's too many so these are the the recent ones Lila has done.

Love, J. 

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