My First Neutral Browns Eyeshadow Look

This is my attempt on a so called natural brown/neutral brown look. I am really noob at eyeshadow and this is probably BEST attempt so far, everything else has failed horribly  and this probably the first time i sort of pulled it off? Don't judge me! Hahaha!

I thought - since i have the Coastal Scents 88 Original Palette (it is also my first ever eyeshadow palette to call my own - Thanks to my boyfriend's mum who bought it for me!) I thought why not just play around with it and prep myself before I get my Naked2 Palette which i purchased last night!! I'm so happy i am finally and going to get Urban Decay's Naked2 Palette!!! So excited! Anywho, here's on my take on an some browns which i used from the Coastal Scents Palette.

I mainly used the first two lower rows of browns on the left and the last two rows of shimmery browns on the right. 

If you can look closely... at my eyelids... LOL I tried so hard on taking a picture where the colours would show and this was the best one and also i was like moving at the same time hence the awkward pose. 

Here are some attempts that i took on my iphone. Freaking hell it was so hard. I know i could've taken a direct shot showing my eyelids but it was coming out all blurry so meh. The above photo is significant enough.

What i used for the rest of my face so i look a tad better on the skin. LOL - Only for photography purposes.

Australis Bronzing Powder
NYX Iced Honey Lipstick
Australis Ready Set Go Translucent Powder
MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NC25 
Diorshow Iconic Mascara
Designer Brands Eyeliner Pencil in Black 
Mary Kay Eyelash Curler

Any comments or any tips for me? I'm hoping to wear more eyeshadow this year and when i get the Naked2 Palette i can definitely try out this look and improve on my eyeshadow skills!

Love, J.

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