Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day peoples! I just got back home and I spent my Valentines Day today having dinner at Doo Ri (Korean BBQ Restaurant) at Strathfield and also following up with long awaited (craving satisfied) Moochi - Frozen Yoghurt! 

I'm not really into Valentines Day that much but since it's a coupley thing and all Lorenzo & I just went out to eat! Anywho, before i move on... last night i was playing around with my CS 88 Palette again to see if i can perfect my eyeshadow look to tonight. I was being a bit spontaneous as i never have ever worn eyeshadow out (well only to work once) but i was a bit iffy into getting creative and heading out hoping it won't look like someone punched in my eye. Last night i tried it and i loved the look but i hate how it doesn't really show up on photos... Hence you have to look really closely and identify that i've did the outer corners with a bit of brown (shown here below) 

Anywho, this morning i registered for one of my tutorials on my timetable so thats 1/4 subjects that i've enrolled at Uni. It was scary as this was a completely different timetabling system and UWS is just... urgh at their timetable set up (If you're a UWS Student you would know why) anywho i was so glad to get my desired time for my subject and as soon as it was 1.30 (I camped on the website for half an hour prior to registration) as soon as it was 1.30 i refreshed and it was soooooo laggy and 5 spots were taken already. LUCKY I GOT IN!!!!  After that i quickly headed to Big W to get some miscellaneous things for myself (like makeup wipes, antibacterial wipes etc... LOL) Anyways, i also went to get my last minute valentines day gift. Trust me i'm a horrible girlfriend, i got my boyfriend Guylian Chocolate because when i asked him what chocolates he likes he said he liked the one with the shells (so it's this one) and also he likes Bueno so i bought these two. I wanted to get 1 rose at least cause i seriously don't know what to get my guy so it's the least i could do LOL. 

I tend gift wrapped them both and was planning to give him the Bueno as a joke so he thinks i'm a pretty crappy girlfriend getting him ONLY a Bueno but then i started cracking up while giving him the Bueno that i horribly wrapped i quickly followed up with the Guylian Box of Chocolate (which was nicely wrapped) and he was happy and kinda laughed with me! I kept telling him that i wanted to give him the Guylian Box after we had dinner so then it would give him the impression that i gave him such a crappy Valentines gift... I seriously didn't know. Guys are like... not so picky and i don't know! So two types of chocolates should be a good thing. Or even so, are you suppose to give your guy something? LOL 

For myself, i got a box of Ferrero Rocher's Collection Chocolates. Lorenzo didn't want to get me chocolates and he really wanted to get me flowers (but i insisted not - and reason why... if you keep reading on) 

So... I specifically asked not to get any flowers because i don't like red roses (because i dislike the colour red and yes i maybe weird - i don't mind receiving them but i don't really like red, i like White roses even though they signify death... LOL I'm no goth or emo okay! I think White Roses are pretty and elegant!!! ), also because flowers die and they only look pretty when you get them and also i can't be bothered telling or making excuses to my asian dad (because he doesn't know i have a boyfriend) and my mum will probably tease me and say all these corny things to me which is awkward and all. Overall, i didn't want flowers for Valentines and i'm not bummed or superly fussed about them OR jealous of anyone who gets roses. I'll embrace it! And I bet you probably think i'm so pessmistic about the whole materialistic idea of Valentines Day but really... i'm not TOO fussed about it, honestly. It's just another day but just a day for me as an excuse to treat it as a special occasion to spend time with a loved one :)

Anywho here's the make up and what i wore... i hope you can make out the eyeshadow as i've been trying to hard to perfect this neutral look but finally i wore it out (since it was some sort of a special occasion)

OOTD: Top: Black frilly singlet from Cotton On, Bottom: Tula Scallop Shorts (Paperbag?) Shorts i recently bought from Forcast with Rubi Plated Thongs along with my Tiffany & Co Necklace and Turquoise YSL Replica Ring (Not Pictured) 



MAC Prep & Prime in Radiant Rose - To prime my eyelids
Used the browns & golds on my Coastal Scents 88 Original Palette - Also used a bit of my Australis Bronzer as a base to my brown.
Skin Food Waterproof Eyeliner in Black - To Tightline my eyes
Tarte Lights Camera Lashes Mascara
Maybelline Line Stiletto Liquid Eyeliner - Even though i hated this eyeliner i had to use it, it sticks on pretty well
MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack - To keep the eyeliner all in place and not running and to fix up any eyeliner mistakes
Model 21 Lashes - Cut to Demi Lashes just to add a little accent to my eyes
Dior Extase Mascara - For Extra Length to my little lashes 


MAC Face and Body Foundation - Base of my foundation and even out any my skintone and redness on my face
MAC Studio Fix Powder - To mattify/touch up my face and even out any unevenness from the thin liquid foundation
Australis Ready Set Go Translucent Powder - To set the foundation
Australis Bronzer in Sunkissed for Contouring and adding a flush of colour


NYX Pumpkin Pie Lipstick
NYX Lip Cream in Stockholm

and also finishing off was the Katy Perry's Purr perfume that my boyfriend gave me for my birthday!

After, at 5.30ish i got picked up and we literally got to Strathfield at 7... due to heaps of traffic on the M4 and also making a wrong detour from my house to The Horsley drive which kinda wasted 20-30 minutes of out trip. Overall it took us and hour and a half when really it should only take 40 minutes. But despite driving in peak hour traffic and it is Valentines Day... parking got so much more fun... we spent half an hour looking for parking and it was just pissing me off. So instead of parking right next to Doo Ri, we parked in Strathfield Plaza and despite walking a bit i was happy we could get out of the car from the stupid carpark which we circled 3 times... argh!! Went to this Korean Supermarket to check out anything superly unique and cool (cause Korean's have hectic things like Japanese people)! I bought a Pocky like thing for my sister and Water Crackers which i saw which also had a cute packaging all over for my grandma (she's sick and she loves Water Crackers so i bought them for her!) and the packaging on the Water Crackers is superly cute even though you can only see the front (and you probably think... why the hell is did she take a picture of Water Crackers...) Whatever!

Anywho, after headed to Doo Ri and managed to get a seat right on entry! Since the restaurant was full. We ordered this BBQ Platter for two ($46?) with sidedishes and it was the first time Lorenzo ate Korean BBQ where he actually gets to use the BBQ LOL. This was my second time eating Korean BBQ and also Second time at Doo Ri! It was packed and service was horridous due to the busyness of the restaurant. I had to ring the bell like at least 7 times until Lorenzo started spamming the bell (pictured on the top right corner of the table) until someone gave us plates and sidedishes... I was pissed off that it took them so long but it was acceptable as the place was heaps busy so i didn't tell them off (usually i would've) but meh! Still got our food!

Then finally... 

Right after i saved my stomach for Moochi!!!!! OMG BEEN DYING TO HAVE SOME!
This is my second time having Moochi too!

Regular Sized Green Tea Yoghurt with Mango & Oreos

Regular Sized Original & Green Tea Yoghurt with Strawberries and Mochi

After that we headed home and that was my Valentines Day! 
I'm pretty tired after typing up this post and i think i strained my neck a bit LOL! But hope you enjoy reading this post!

Love, J


  1. Lol your chocolate plan was so evil in a cute way <3 Looks like you had a great Valentines, adorable pics!


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