Illamasqua's Satin Primer.

Hello! *big waves!* I'm feeling somewhat positive since I got a huge chunk of work out of the way (best feeling aye?) and today I got an awesome package from Australis - just in time to enlighten my day!

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Anyways, long story short. Thanks to those who have responded to my last post and also been comforting me! (I really appreciate all your kind words!) It's been a hella long long time since I last blogged and... I've had this post sitting in my drafts for a while and thought, since I could squeeze in a bit of time today - why not?! :D

Anyways! I've found love with Illamasqua's Satin Primer after searching for a good primer. This was lovingly gifted from my beloved cousin! (So, Thanks Mel! - You're awesome!)

First things first, It's not the first time I've tried this primer. I actually purchased this primer on Boxing Day last year but I had to return the primer back since it was expired (more mentioned in this last post here) but nevertheless, Mel purchased this primer as a surprise (knowing that I needed a new primer) and I've finally have a new fresh (and one that is not expired!) Illamasqua primer to use!!! :D Yay!

When I first tried this primer all I can say was... 'It's freaking amazing!' and it's still amazing today. I try not to use it everyday because for the scarce amount I get for the price paid for, I try to use it on occasions where a primer is really essential. (Note those days where your make up HAS to be perfect). Other than that I just use my Face of Australia primer (not my favourite but I'm trying to use it up).

Illamasqua's Satin Primer applies on so smoothly and also has a nice velvety watery touch which creates this soft canvas for my face - all prepped and ready for foundation. Recently, I've purchased Illamasqua's Skin Base Foundation and I have to say that together with the Satin Primer - it works wonders! Let alone, the Skin Base foundation makes my face looks heaps flawless! (Note that I'll probably blog about this foundation later!)

You don't need a large amount of primer, probably a pea size to a pea size and a half is enough to cover your entire face. The texture of the primer is watery and smooth so, that being said - a little goes a long way.

So far I have not experienced any breakouts and also my foundation stays on significantly much longer (compared to the other primers I've used) I could go a whole 8 hours and my foundation and face will still look somewhat fresh.

What I also like about this primer is that it contains UVA and UVB filters to protect yourself from the harsh sun. Not to mention, it does not contain any parabens or silicone. (Which I noticed when I was using the Smashbox primer - which made me breakout). 

I've taken photos with this primer underneath and I don't get that reflective ghostly look. I'm not sure if it's because this does not contain SPF's or because the UVA and UVB filters act as different agent in this primer... but so far so good. (Let me know if you could clarify something about this!)

In the past I found that the other primers that I've used: Smashbox, Face of Australia, Natio & Benefit - just to name a few, didn't work as well and I didn't really see a difference.

Just so you know, Illamasqua's primers come in a Satin & Matte Finish. I chose Satin because I find that the finish suits my oily skin better and I like the dewy finish as opposed to the Matte finish which didn't really give my face any dimension.

Coming at $35AU for 30mls I'm highly sceptical about repurchasing it despite how awesomely in love I am with it. I think if it was probably significantly cheaper I would stock up on it! But... seeing that it's my favourite primer, I think I'll fork out some cash for this beauty.

Anyways, that sums up my review on the Illamasqua Satin Primer. Hopefully I can have some posts up soon to keep you guys occupied. I know it's been a while since I did a review, so I try and keep you guys posted. Any specific requests and also any enquiries feel free to pop a message on my Facebook page. I know I haven't been active on there but I do check whenever I get a notification!

Til Later! 

Love. J 

*Disclaimer: This product has been kindly gifted to me by my cousin. 


  1. I don't think I've heard about this primer yet, but I don't use primer anyways. :( I really should. I have a few sample sized of Benefit's Porefessional. Have you used that before? Is it any good? How does it compare to this one?

  2. It sounds lovely but the price... hmm :/

  3. Wow this sounds amazing! I love primers that glide on so beautifully on the skin- it is such a great feeling. At the moment I am using Revlon's Photoready primer but I'm still not sure if I can feel much of a different with it on... What a small amount of product you get for such a high price! Great to hear that it's been the best primer you've tried though :)

  4. This is the first time I've heard of this brand but looking by the classy and elegant packaging indeed it was really expensive! But I would be willing to shelf out extra gram as long it worth the investment! ^_~

  5. i love love love illamasqua. my favorite products of theirs are probably their blushers and their skin base foundation ^^
    now you have me curious to try the primer c:

    à la foliee


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