What's currently on my nails!

Just a quick post! I'm just procrastinating... and I thought I'll share a 'What's on my nails' mani that I did!

I received this awesome Revlon Moon Candy Nail Polish in Galactic from Jill! (We did a swap! Which hopefully I can post up soon on my blog!) and I thought I'll try it out since my previous nail polish was chipping!

All I did was layer the black tinted blue polish and added a coat of the blue flecks from the Revlon Moon Candy Polish. Added a coat of China Glaze's Luxe & Lush and Nubar 2010 Flakies. Then sealed it off with some good ol' Seche Vite and Voila!

I'm always loving the flecks of specks on ma nails! Here's some instagram pics which I took!

You can see my lecture slides that I was suppose to be annotating but painting my nails is much more interesting that studying. 

Anyways, hope I have some time later to blog some stufficles! Been missing this blog! 


Love, J 


  1. I love those moon flakes! So adorable, and looks like you wouldn't know if it chipped a little!

  2. lolz, agree that painting nails is more fun! love those dazzling nails ^_~


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