Lipcote Review & Current Mascara Collection

So for those who don't know what Lipcote is, it's a clear base coat you apply on top of your lipstick to give it that power to stay on your lips and not transfer onto anything else. Eg. When you're drinking and eating. I've had this Lipcote for ages... probably a year? Apparently you can find this at Priceline for $16AUD for 7mls, but my mum gave me hers and i've been using it from time to time.

I don't know if it's the fact that i've had it for a long time that it's not as effective as it was the first time - but i suppose it doesn't really transfer when you're wearing lipstick. 

Honestly, i'm not a huge lipstick fan i just wear it sometimes when i feel like it or just feel like my face looks plain without it. But Lipcote does seal the lips but starts getting chappy and peely after an hour or so. I think it really depends how much lipstick you put on - i see that when i apply a thin layer of lipstick, Lipcote will last at least 2-3 hours?

I wouldn't say i can't live without it, but if you're like and is really lazy on reapplying lipstick after eating or even so when it starts getting stained then Lipcote is something to invest in. 

What Lipcote has to say about this product:

Famed as the 'Original Lipstick Sealer', Lipcote is the secret to sensational show stopping lips. No self-confessed lipstick addict should be without it.

  • It does give a decent 1-3hrs? lip staying power when you brush it on. 
  • It's small enough to bring everywhere 
  • It's not that effective if you put multiple layers of lipstick (By that like applying lipstick like 3 times or something LOL)
  • It can sting your lips if you have really dry lips (this is because when applied you feel this tingle meaning it's working on your lips and is setting the lipstick)
  • A bit pricey for a product like this
  • The Applicator can get a bit dirty after using different coloured lipsticks
  • Might not be as effective if you've kept it for long (I think that's my fault LOL i think you're suppose to use these things for a year and throw them away...)

Overall i'll give it a 3 out of 5. 

Next up is my current Mascara Collection, (These are in order from left to right from the one i love the most to the one i don't really use) i've had so many from Maybelline and Covergirl to Revlon as well and i threw them all away! (Yes, i threw them all away...) Because i've had most of them over a year and also they were so clumpy and chemist/pharmacy or supermarket brand mascaras never work for me so i had to go to High End for the mascara that achieves the lashes i want! 

These are nothing new to my blog and i love these mascaras so much. My go to mascara at the moment has to be my Tarte Light Camera Lashes which is $20AUD (for a full size one) but here i have a travel size one which i bought on eBay on bid for $7AUD - I wanted to try a small size and see if it's as good as beauty gurus and reviews say and it was! So happy i purchased this mascara its great for my small thin asian lashes!

Second one is the Dior Extase in a travel size. I love this mascara i usually apply this after my Tarte Lights Camera Lashes mascara to give it a bit more length and drama to my lashes and i can use it by it self but i just love how my Tarte one is. For those in Australia, Tarte is a brand sold at Sephora in America so you cannot find Tarte here (I believe) so hence why i bought it online. 

For the Dior mascara, both pictured here - Diorshow Extase & Iconic. I got them for Christmas from my boyfriend and it was $52 - Each mascara by itself is $52AUD (Full Size) but Myers was doing a Christmas gift set thingy and Diorshow Iconic with a mini Diorshow Extase was together $52. I don't really use my Iconic that much i tend to use my Extase more and i think if i cannot find my Tarte Lights Camera Lashes online anymore than i'm probably going to get the Extase. Extase is more for volume i think... and Iconic is for length (correct me if i'm wrong). 

As for the last one it's Lancome's Hypnose Precious Cells Mascara (travel size) because i got this from a gift set my mum bought and she gave it to me. I barely use it but it suppose to repair your lashes and i believe the actual full size is $52AUD. I gotta say it's my most favourite mascara out of all of Lancome's disappointing mascaras, it gives a bit of length but i would say much volume. 

Overall, my favourite mascara and also the cheapest is my Tarte one! I hope to run out of the Tarte one so i can buy the actual full size one. I'll be so devastated if they don't sell it anymore! 

Anywho i hope this concludes my little review as well as my little mascara collection!

Love, J.


  1. I'm so glad you told me about that, I had never heard of that for the nails. very informative post. Happy Valentine's Day too



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