Thursday & Friday Shopping

Nothing too spectacular about this post, just photos. Went and satisfied my Udon cravings yesterday and a Mini Lunch with the boyfriend, a trip to the Optometrist and finally went to Officeworks to get my 'make up storage' organiser and just last minute back to Uni items.

So i went to Liverpool yesterday and just went with my cousin cause she needed some clothes for Work Experience and just went through random shops looking for a cheap staple black skirt. I came across the most shortest and probably... really... 'revealing' shorts at Supre. LOL. I think it was like $20 for that. Oh LOL.

Had delicious Tempura Udon, yet it got really salty and sickening near the end. 

Today! Went to Stocklands Wetherill and i technically wanted to go Savana's but i couldn't be bothered so we settled down with Food Court Food. Lorenzo's Soft Shell Crab Sushi with Seaweed Salad and i had Prawn Tempura on Brown Rice (not pictured) with Seaweed Salad LOL... excuse my noob photos.. i wish they looked more appealing and also.. eyecatching. We also had Gloria Jeans and tried their Macarons which Lorenzo got for me. I had to white raspberry filling one (I love!) and Lorenzo had the chocolate one. Honestly i think they were pricey for $2.50 considering how TINY they are. (Maybe cause i'm asian LOL)

Anywho after we went to the Optometrist and got both our eyes checked. His eyes are fine yet mine has worsen a bit but it's still cool. LOL I was silly not to bring my glasses *sigh* after that we just went wondering around at Target and Big W and also EB Games because Lorenzo wanted to get a new game on his PSP. I stumbled across this at EB Games... How can the same game be at different prices... a pre owned one for $99 when a few metres down... you see a brand new one for $68... How screwed up are you EB Games? LOL. 

Anyways! spent so much time at various shops in Stockies... I never spent so much time there... LOL It's such a grocery and family shopping centre... nothing so glamorous but meh. Then finally headed to Officeworks (YAY for Stationery shopping!) to get this File Storage thingy which i used for my make up!

Goodbye $3 Daiso Shelves... (Pictured in Blue)

Hope you are all having a wonderful week! Be back soon with reviews and all!

Love, J

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  1. I don't understand how girls can wear shorts that shows half of their bottom since it's so short!
    I laughed at EB game's mistake. so silly


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