Priceline Haul + Dinner for Two

So i went grocery shopping with my sister earlier and before walking into Coles, I just had to go and check out Priceline. Not only that! But also check out Red Lippies - in which my boyfriend suggested that i should start wearing (because he likes it) and also I wanted to try bold colours on my lips! Yet searching for lippies, i wasn't really satisfied with what i found. So i couldn't help but check out Garnier's BB Cream because i was keen on getting it! 

After receiving my sample sachets from Garnier after months of waiting... finally, yesterday! I got the sample in the 'Light' shade in the mail. I panicked at the fact that it was going to be too light! Because i'm usually a 'Medium' in most foundation make-up brands (and i remember clicking on a Medium shade when putting my details in for the sample online) but instead Light was a perfect match! 

Anywho i also received a $3 off coupon to use at Priceline, hence why i went today and bought the BB Cream (after loving how good it was on my skin! despite having many MAC Foundations that i use daily) 

I'm already in love with it and replacing it with my MAC Studio Fix Fluid. I feel like it's too heavy on my skin yet this BB Cream is great (I will do a review on soon).

Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips - $5.79
Priceline Cucumber Facial Mask - $3.99
Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream in Light - $13.99 but on sale for $10.99 (with the complimentary coupon it was down to $7.99, score!)
Biore Triple Action Toner - $8.99 but on sale for $6.79
Garnier Clean Sensitive Make Up Remover - $7.99
Priceline Tweezers - $3.48

So not only did  i grabbed myself that, I mainly got my essentials that i ran out of and also needed. The pore strips was a must need, my blackheads are so stubborn so i'm hoping these will help! The Cucumber Facial Mask (my sister chose that and i think that's hers but i paid for it, so it's mine... LOL and i'm going to use it) - I was glad it was Made in Australia and not from anywhere else (considering how cheap it was) so i know that it will be safe for my skin and also it's from Priceline so we'll see how it goes. 

Also, Biore's Triple Action Toner is wonderful! I ran out of this and finally got around to repurchasing it! Great to refresh the skin and also remove make up if you feel like make up wipes aren't enough. As well as Garnier's Clean Sensitive Make Up Remover, since i'm almost out and it's my favourite make up remover and also i've been using it in my brush cleaning formula i made to clean my make up brushes with! And last but not least, Priceline Tweezers for just some everyday use because i broke my old ones.

So after all shopping and all, i made dinner for my sister and I! I took these really quickly hence why they don't look so pretty, because i was so eager to dig in sooooooo yeah!

I made....

Creamy Pappardelle Pasta with Bacon & Salami 
Topped with grated Parmesan and chopped fresh Parsley 

It was soooo yum!!! 

Tabouleh - with Pearl Couscous and Chopped Parsley, Tomatoes & Red Onion

I added too much Couscous :( But still it was delicious! It was my first time making Tabouleh and also it was soooooo easy to make! Definitely going to make this all the time!

Anyways i shall be back soon! 

Love, J. 


  1. yumm pasta! i love carbonara-like pastas hehe
    and i really like the garnier bb cream too!
    almost finished mine hehe

  2. Hehee I love going to priceline and often just get a bunch of misc products I dont need >_< meh

    Yummy pappardelle! I am too lazy and mostly I just use Leggo's sauce for my pasta lol


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