My Top 5 Things on my Christmas Wishlist!

I'm back! Yes, I'm Uni Free on a three month Summer Break and also I'm hoping I can squeeze in some blog posts for you guys to read because I've been here and there and then disappearing again!

Anyways, I thought I'll compile what I've had my eyes on and I guess you can say this is my Christmas Wishlist. Not much beauty yet, there some are just things I've had my heart on for a while... so take a peek!

Do let me know what's on your wishlist and if you have any items on my wishlist that you've been eyeing too!

1. Lorac Pro Palette - $42 (US without Shipping)

I've been contemplating but I think I've finally given in. I have tried this palette a number of times off friends and family who own it and fell in love with it instantly! Let's just say... I want to replaced my Urban Decay Naked2 Palette for this number. But... unfortunately it's impossible to grab hold off - internationally as it's either Sold Out or Not Available to ship to Australia. *biggest sad face ever*

2. Benefit Cosmetics - Let's Glow, Lovely! Gift Set - $50 (from their Intl. Website)

I've been wanting to try Benefit's Dandelion and Hervana Blush for quite sometime (pictured is Dandelion) but the fact that I already own two Mac Blushes which is more than enough for me (cause I got a rid of a whole bunch of make up), the fact that it's both a blush and highlighter intrigues me. Let alone, everything else in the gift set entices me to try them all out especially Watts Up and the They're Real Mascara.

This is perfect to gift for Christmas I would say, comes in a cute gift box and also the sizes of the items are decent. For $50 that's heaps awesome - just remember to purchase via the website (for those who are in Australia) as opposed to buying it instore at Myer/David Jones as it's a little bit more pricer in store.

3. Tiffany and Co Necklace - Double Heart Pendant in Blue ($170) / Heart Tag with Key Pendant ($240)

I've probably been eyeing a T&Co necklace for the longest time but never really gotten around to it... It's just something I want. :) For Christmas or regardless the occasion, I want you - around my neck. LOL

4. Pandora Snowflake Pendant - $59AU

I haven't bought or received any new charms on my pandora since my birthday so I thought I could add this little number to my highly acquainted Pandora bracelet which is almost filled up! I love snowflakes and star shapes and this is the perfect charm for this Season - despite it being uberly hot in Australia during Christmas.

5. Michael Kors Large Selma Saffiano Satchel - $358 (US)

I'm hoping I can get this in a Navy Blue or a Creamy Ivory Colour... something that's like comparable to the colour of Ice Coffee (yes, what a description). I could really use a nice decent handbag for everyday use. That is all... oh and it's not to in your face as well.

That sums up pretty much the things that are on my wishlist, I'm pretty sure there's a few more bits and bobs of other things I've been eyeing on but I've just narrowed it down to the top 5. I will be back real soon and keep your eyes posted!

Love, J 


  1. That MK bag is gorgeous! I want the Lorac pro palette too :)

  2. Love that shade of the MK bag. I haven't seen that creamy colour - it's stunning!

    Sarah | More Than Adored

  3. I love the MK bag but so many people have it already! It is gorgeous


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