Organic Goodies for Summer Loving Skin with Kalastyle & Weleda

I love anything organic, from food to cosmetics particularly. The fact that nothing was harmed during the process or that it's taken straight from natures source - as well as supporting local farmers is something that is always rewarding to know. You know what goes into the products, and also there's no nasties that could potentially harm or irritate you.

Anyways, today I'll be showcasing two organic products which I received. One is from Weleda and the other is from Kalastyle.

Firstly, I have here, the Kalastyle Swedish Dream Seaweed Soap. I gotta say it has the most adorablest packaging and makes an awesome gift by itself or an addition to gifts. Perfect for this Holiday.

I love how the scent is quite reminiscent of the Dove Body Soaps. Though similarly when I was using this in the shower it felt like it too.

Yet, it has that extra property of Seaweed which primarily I didn't really notice any exfoliating action going on... Yet, after the shower my skin felt super refreshed and also super smooth - especially hours later after showering.

This soap contains an active marine algae extracted from selected seaweed acts as a protective moisturizer and nutrient for the skin. The removal of dead surface cells allows the soap to prepare the skin to be moisturized while showering. It is claimed that it is a gentle clarifier, removing impurities, leaving the skin ultra fresh and clean. Also, it's exclusively sold at Kalastyle.

I'm not a huge avid soap fan but this soap is something I enjoyed using but being a body wash gal - I might pass.

The next awesome thing I have to showcase is this Weleda Wild Rose Body Oil

Weleda products are 100% certified natural products that have been made with Biodynamic and organic ingredients - so you know they're good for your skin.

The thing with Wild Rose is that it's really good for a pampering body treat. It's rich in nourishing unsaturated fatty acids from the wild rose and rosehip, with protecting oils of the jojoba and revitalising sweet almond oil.

And after the first use I felt my skin was really supple and my skin was really radiant. Not the type where it's slick and shiny. But the type where the oil sits nicely and gleams through. Also, the delicate scent of wild rose oil also is a nice floral touch to the product.

A bit of TMI but I shaved my legs prior to Stereosonic (which was nearly 2 weeks ago) and after shaving I applied this Wild Rose Body Oil on my legs and honestly, I think I've only applied the oil twice to my legs... anyways, after (and my legs are usually dry as the desert) weeks later (2 weeks now) my legs are still super moisturised, so moisturised that last Friday night when I went to my friend's 21st, my legs were shining on the photo... (yes weird but true!) Not only is it awesome for my super dry legs but also, I use it around parts of my body where my skin is super dry and works like a charm.

Both products work like a charm but I would highly give the Wild Rose Body Oil a try. At $29.95 / 100mls - It's worth every penny and I'm planning to grab a bottle after I finish up this one! The Seaweed Soap is so so for me but coming in at $6.95, I think it's an awesome stocking filler or nice addition to any present.

Links to the respective products are in italics and also, don't forget to check out other products from both sites.

Let me know if you've tried these products or even so if you would love to try them and what do you think! I would love to hear from you, comment down below (I read all comments!)

Love, J 

*Disclaimer: This product was kindly sent by a PR. All of the companies mentioned were mentioned on my behalf and I was not compensated to mention the my opinions and thoughts are mine and are unbiased. For more information please see my Disclosure Policy. 


  1. The body oil sounds perfect for me! My legs are so freakin dry especially after I shave!

    Sarah | More Than Adored

  2. ohhh, the seaweed soap sounds pretty interesting ^_^~


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