Femme Fatale Cosmetics Eyeshadows/Blush

L2R: Obliterate, Firebloom, Sunfire, Heroic, Holiday Spices, Archangel, Transquil. 

So my order from Femme Fatale came in the mail last week. When I got them they were all sample sized sachets that I was eager to try out. I can't wait to purchase the full size pigments of these eyeshadows, not only are they good for eyeshadow, they're great as blush and also highlighters!

All of them are eyeshadow colours, the blush I would say would be Fire Bloom or Transquil (Which I really like). So far I am heaps impressed! I'm really loving Heroic, which I've been using so so much on my lids lately. As well as Archangel as a highlight. I haven't been using much of the colours ever since I swatched them cause they're so many to get through! 

Each sample is roughly 90c - $1.10 depending on the type and also the range. I was given a free sample of Holiday Spices as well. I love Holiday Spices, which is my 3rd favourite and I love the holographic fragments some of the pigments show. 

Overall, they're awesome. I would definitely rate them 5/5. They're so pigmented and beautiful. My favourite is Holiday Spices and I wish it wasn't a limited edition :(

Also, they're Vegan Friendly, Australian Made and also Lip Friendly if you're planning to use some of the pigments/shadows for mixing and decorating purposes.

Femme Fatale Ships internationally as well so check out their website here!

Love, J


  1. woww these colours are gorgeous!!! Gotta check this out!


  2. Wow - all of those shades are so pretty especially the pink shades~ I really like the 3rd from the left swatched on your arm =)

    1. Yeah it's really nice! My friend also loves it too!


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