Elf Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder

Finally got my ELF Blush & Bronzer Duo. It's a close dupe but not exact of NARS Orgasm (Blush) and Laguna (Bronzer). I apologise for the swatch photo as it was the best I could take with my DSLR. The lighting in my room is just urgh... But it shall do. If you like, you can google the swatches for a better reference but this is somewhat true to the picture. 

Comparing between NARS Orgasm & Laguna Duo...
  • Price: Elf is only $10AU (with Shipping / $3 in the US) while NARS is $45AU and $30US (I think). I got this for $5 with my $5 off Ebay Coupon I had.
  • Quality: Obviously quality will be different but it's what you get for what you pay for. For a $3 Drugstore brand, it does well. It's a bit powdery and obviously won't glide as smoothly like NARS. Overall the pigmentation is great and everything else about it is just as great as any other blush/bronzer on the market. Pretty mediocre and also great if you're on a budget.
  • Payout/Pigmentation: Payout and pigmentation is awesome, though the blusher is buildable and also the bronzer, you might have to be a bit careful because it's pretty dark. But it's Matte. The Blusher is slightly shimmery but not so shimmery it will have glitter particles that will be highly visible. 
  • Colour: The colour* is slightly different. The Bronzer on the ELF is much more pigmented and somewhat darker than NARS Laguna. The Laguna is a tad shimmery, creamier to touch and also as a lighter pigmentation. As for the blush, NARS Orgasm is much more pinky and also a tad shimmery and buttery textured. ELF's Blush is much more peachier and also lighter.
*Comparisons have been made when swatching NARS at the Mecca Cosmetica Store Previous to this Post, along with online sources. To find out please google NARS Orgasm & Laguna along with ELF Dupes for a closer reference.

Overall, It's a great product but not an exact dupe. If you're on a budget you can find heaps of these on ebay (in which I mostly buy all my American products from) I love how the packaging is sturdy. I don't find it flimsy like everyone says it is but it's $3US so it holds up pretty well. I'm overall satisfied and paying $5 (with $5 off coupon I had for ebay) I am loving this. I currently own 3 bronzers and this is definitely a new bronzer I'm going to adore and try. I've been looking for a peachy blush so I'm going to give this a go.

You can also find ELF Products online from their Australian Website. Is there any other ELF Products you like and recommend?! I would love to try more elf products.

Love, J


  1. I want to try ELF products so badly :( but not allowed to order online :/

    I've heard their eye brightening quads, conditioning lip balms, hypershine lipglosses and eye primer was good!

  2. I have an elf bronzing brush and I use it on the daily!!!

  3. Great photos! I hear a lot of good things about this bronzer duo from ELF. Even though it's not an exact dupe of the NARS one, considering the difference in price it's close enough for me. The colors look pretty pigmented too. ELF has some really great products in their Studio line :)


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