Australia's Biggest Morning Tea Sydney Beauty Blogger Event

Today was Australia's Biggest Morning Tea Hosted by BellaBoo Beauty Enterprise at Purple Goanna. 

I was running heaps late because I woke up late and I was a tad lost when I got there. Shela and I were wondering where and which way to go. 

I also was broke as well with only $2 in my bank account. I had to be sneaky and buy a pensioner ticket to Strathfield instead of Redfern, use Shela's MyMulti2 Ticket quickly to get through the gates without the Transit Officers finding out and then find our way to Purple Goanna. Mission and a half! 

We finally got there and it was much more quiet and smaller of a venue than what I thought it was. It was lovely and decorated so fancily cute. Mostly people who are part of the Beauty Bloggers Australia we're welcome to come and anyone else they would like to bring along. 

I met up with Alice & Tezza as well as my friend Shela and we were handed with heaps of goodies to take home, lots of lollies to grab and cake and tea to enjoy. We also got interviews by this tv network about our presence at the event and also contributing as well as donating money for Cancer Patients for this Australian Biggest Morning Tea event. 

Me, Tezza and Alice

Shela & I as my +1 hehehe. 

So after we left, we got these awesome goodie bags! More about them in my next post where I actually took them on my DSLR. I totally forgot to bring my DSLR and I was compensating it with my iPad. SIGH. I could've taken so many nice quality pictures. But this will do. A follow up with whats in the goodie bag and all later. 

Happy 100th Post to me. This is my 100th post LOL! Shall, see you later!

Love, J. 


  1. woah awesome! 100th post!

    i tagged u in a 11 questions tag :) feel free to do it if u want to

    1. I've already did a 11 questions tag, but thanks!


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