Sportsgirl Pout About It Lipsticks

Loving these new lippies I got from Sportsgirl today! It's the third (1st: Lip Pencils, 2nd: Eyeshadow Crayon) beauty item I've purchased from Sportsgirl and probably my favourite! 

Swatched on the top is Fruit Tingle & on the bottom is All About You.

In my opinion these make great dupes for MAC lippies. Fruit Tingle is a near to true dupe for MAC's Ravishing which I was considering of getting. It didn't hit me until I asked some girls on orange lippie recommendations on Facebook. To only realise MAC's Ravishing and Fruit Tingle are so so alike!

I heard Sportsgirl's All About You is somewhat like MAC's Creme De Nude. 
It's awesome knowing that you unexpectedly fine MAC Dupes! 

What I love about this lippie is that the colour is so vibrant and so true! It's nice and flattering and perfect for nearly every skin tone!

The only thing I don't like is that it is drying on the lips. It would help if you prime with some lip balm before hand or after to keep you lips super hydrated and moisturised. 

For $9.95 you can get these lippies from Sportsgirl (unfortunately this is only available in Australia)

I'm on the search to purchase my next MAC Lippie, thinking of getting something different than what I currently have. Anyone can recommend me some nice reds or oranges? Even so light lustre pinks from MAC?! Love to hear your responses! 

Love, J  


  1. Sportsgirl has some pretty good stuff! I want to try their lipglosses :)
    Don't you love finding drugstore dupes for high-end products? >:) hehehe

  2. Sportsgirl lippies are great, probably the best part of their beauty range imo :) I love Fruit Tingle, it's one of my favourite lipsticks, especially in the warmer months!

  3. i want these lippies so bad :( the colors are so pretty too bad we don't have it here in US


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