Sukin Rosehip Oil and Facial Moisturiser

Rosehip Oil was something that has been talked about for ages. I finally got this after seeing a friend post about how Rosehip Oil has made her skin so much better. Not that my skin has much troubles or any complications. I do have scabs and minor scars on my legs due to scratching (mainly cause of winter & dry skin) I thought since this is multipurpose product. Why not?! 

Sukin's Rosehip Oil is a certified organic product. It contains no less than 80% essential fatty acids necessary for protecting cell membranes, skin healing vitamin E, beta carotene and the powerful anti-ageing antioxidant, lycopene. Rosehip oil can be used to soothe irritated or dry skin as well as an everyday treatment oil.

Sukin’s rosehip oil is cold pressed harnessed from the seeds of wild Chilean grown rosehips via a solvent-free extraction process to retain the oils precious actives for optimal performance. This unique oil feeds your skin vital nutrients to promote healthy skin, assists skin renewal and repair and can help treat problem skin conditions.

Application: Apply 2-3 drops to palm of hand. Use fingers to massage into cleansed face, neck and / or body morning and night

I use it with the Facial Moisturiser but you can always use it by itself. I bought this from Chemist Works for $17.95. I first bought it at Priceline for $19.95 and received a small sample sachet of moisturiser, after shopping around I got the one at Chemist Works with the large 125ml Moisturiser for $2 cheaper as well as a larger moisturiser to use! The lady at Priceline was iffy and seemed pissed. WELL, I GOT IT CHEAPER. She insisted she'll give me a bottle of the full size but I refused. She was sort of rude to be me as well, but whatever. I'm happy I got mine from Chemist Works. 

This product is suitable for all skin types especially mature and problem skin conditions. 

I'm currently been using it and noticed my skin is slowly getting rid of my acne scars and also a bit of the acne around my face. I've been breaking out heaps lately, mainly due to stress and also winter tends to make me break out cause of heaters and the weather changing etc. 

Overall, I love this product. A tad pricey for 25ml of Rosehip Oil but worth it in the long run. Loved how I got a full size moisturiser as well so bonus! 

Have you tried any other Sukin products? 

Love, J.

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  1. Ooh I just bought the Sukin moisturiser today - looks like I'll have to buy the rose hip oil now too. Getting rid of acne scars - yes please!


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