Recent Buys & DIY Polaroids

So I just got a haircut today and it cost me $25, I remember back in the days it only use to cost me $10 and this was the first time I actually paid to get my hair cut by myself! Usually my mum pays for it or my aunty does it for me but this time I was in such a rush I went to get it done today and I'm so happy with my new hair because it's layered out and thinned! So it won't be so bushy and thick for a while!

Nevertheless, I'm planning to dye my hair on Wednesday to a somewhat chocolate brown. The lady at the place I get my hair dye at was really helpful and ever since my aunty bought hairdressing supplies there I've always bought my hair dye there, never from the supermarket ever since then. It cost roughly or just a few dollars more than the supermarket ones you find like L'oreal, Garnier etc. But worth the quality and the colour payout. I paid $17.95 for my Hair Dye and Peroxide (30, 9%) Apparently the lower the percentage the more brighter and truer the colours will be. If you're unsure ask your hairdresser :) 

Anywho these are things I bought today, I'm honestly thinking of doing a giveaway. I'm so tempted to open this eyeshadow palette but I promised myself this will be for the giveaway. I will also do another giveaway when I get my things I've ordered from America soon. So keep lookout for that too!

Maybelline Eyestudio in Irresistibly Ivy - $16.95 (I used my gift card I had from Target) 
I'm eager to try this I heard it's really good and I saw Michelle Phan use a similar palette in one of her tutorials. 

Elgon Hairdressing Hair Dye in 4/4 Copper Brown + Hairdressing Grade Peroxide - $17.95

Been using this hair dye since Year 9. I started dying my hair since Year 3.
The story behind dying my hair in year 3 was because my mum had left over hair dye during that time and she decided to smother it on me (nice move LOL) ever since then I've been addicted to dying my hair... Well sort of. The next time I dyed my hair was probably in Year 6 and then Year 7-9. I've basically dyed my hair probably 5-6 times in my life but the last year and a half or two my hair has been black. My hair has gone through: brown, purple, red, electric blue, purple, dark brown, blonde (for like 3 days), mahogany, orangey brown and then black. Okay maybe that was more than 5-6 times. Has my hair been damaged? Of course! In year 10 I bleached my hair blonde (I wanted brown but I left it in for too long) the school told me off for having unnaturally coloured hair because I went to a strict all girls catholic school. So 3 days later I dyed it to a brown which turned out slightly orangey and faded to a reddy brown.  SO THAT WAS MY STORY BEHIND MY HAIR LOL. Anyways... moving on!

BYS Million Dollar Baby Nail Polish from Gloss - $4.95

I was attracted by this polish, I mean LOOK AT THE SPARKLES. Reminds me of Sportsgirls one, I forgot the name but this is $3 cheaper I think. Meh, I'm not a fan of BYS cosmetics after my disaster with their flimsy packaging. Let me remind you, that once I have a bad experience with a product I disregard it. Yeah, beware cosmetic companies LOL, I kid. But you get what you pay for that price... besides Essence, THEY'RE FREAKING AWESOME. Anyways... I love this polish I have a gold foil look on my nails using FOA Calypso - Gold layered with Maxfactor 01 Ivory Nail Polish.

So instead of going to Uni today (in which I was contemplating and also not compulsory since it was a drop in tute) I ended up shopping around Westfields shopping. LOL. I also managed to get some pictures developed.  

 Some photos are for my friends, so I made multiple copies of them and made them into Polaroids on photoshop before processing them. 
Also made little polaroids of me and the boyfriend for our anniversary and for keepsake :) 
Unfortunately my wallet doesn't have a photo slot, but I'm going to store these photos anyways.
Took me ages but I managed! So much cheaper and crafty! 

Love, J. 


  1. That's such a cute idea with photoshopping your pictures into polaroids :) The BYS glitter polish is really pretty, I think the Sportsgirl one you mentioned it was similar to is called All That Glitters or something (I have it and quite like it). I have the Maybelline palette in Give Me Gold and it's quite good quality, the one you bought has some gorgeous colours :)

  2. Haha I also went to a strict catholic school and was never allowed fun makeup or colours in my hair. I think that's why I'm so addicted to it now.

    That photoshopping idea turned out really well!



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