Revlon Lip Butters & Relevant Pinks

There has been so much revelation about Revlon Lip Butters and since this has been highly requested through email and also by a friend on twitter (after posting that I finally got these lippies) I'm doing a review now!

My boyfriend bought me the lippies and he got me Berry Smoothie & Cotton Candy. 
I'm not really fond of Cotton Candy so I'm holding onto it and hoping to exchange it for a different colour when they come back in stock. 

At the moment I have Berry Smoothie. 

Swatches: 1x, 2x, 3x of Berry Smoothie

This lippie is definitely buttery and soft on the lips. It reminds me of a lip balm without the gloopy, heavy and sticky feel of a lip balm (if you know what I mean) but it looks and feels like one though. 

Nevertheless the colour payout is buildable (like the image above), it lasts for a couple of hours around 3-4? Without Touch Up but thats without eating or touching anything. 

Overall the price for these lippies are way too inflated in Australia and it's best getting from through eBay via the states. 

They're $21.95 each but considering my boyfriend got the 2 for 1 deal at Priceline (this offer has already ended btw) 

I also found some relative dupes while looking through my lippies. I've come to realise that my collection is mainly nudes and pinks. I need more variety!? 

Pictured we have: NYX Round Lippies, Lancome Color Fever & My Revlon Lip Butter. 

Swatched is: Lancome in 312, NYX Tea Rose, NYX Sky Pink & Revlon Lip Butter in Berry Smoothie 2x 

Hope you found this useful and I will do a nude lippie post (similar to this soon!)

Love, J

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  1. I got the RLB too! in sugar frosting and tutti frutti.
    ikr $21.95... its insane


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