Lush Haul #2

As much as I adore Lush, this is my second Haul and probably my second transaction I've made from them. Nevertheless, it burnt a little hole in my pocket but it's heaps worth it. Out of all the beauty (okay not so beauty?) well, products - these are my favourite. Why? THEY SMELL FANTASTIC! 

So the other day, the boyfriend and I went to the city and went to our favourite sushi train place at Market City - Takumi Sushi Train. It's the best place and has a great combination for a great price, I always went to that Sushi Train place when I was still studying Business at UTS (oh the memories) and that's how i discovered this little place. Anywho, after having our late lunch there we headed to QVB/Westfield Sydney and mainly I was looking forward to heading my head into the Lush store. 

L2R: Bohemian Soap, Godiva Shampoo & Conditioning Bar, Lush Retread Liquid Conditioner Sample (The SA gave me!), Dirty Tooth Tabs (a post here), Honey I Washed The Kids Soap.

I finally bought myself a solid shampoo, the sales assistant at the Penrith store told me these last 3 times longer than normal liquid shampoo - I hope they do. I'm currently loving this because it a 2 in 1 (Shampoo & Cond) and it leave my hair smelling like fresh Jasmine! 
My boyfriend complemented on my hair and said it smells amazing! And I think I might get another one of these along with a dandruff one when I ran out. 

This is Lush's most famous soap and I know why. IT SMELLS AMAZING!!!!! (Like mentioned) It's smells like Palmers Coco Butter with hints of fresh honey?! I can't describe it but it's smells so good you could take a bite out of it. 
It's moisturising and leave my skin feeling soft!

I asked the Sales Assistant for a brightening soap? I know there might not be such a thing at Lush but since this Bohemian Soap has Lemon, it might as well aid in the brightening process. I wanted to get rid of my dark tan lines on my upper shoulder and anywhere else on my body cause of my uneven natural tan from the sun over the years, also it's a great soap in the morning because it wakes you up with this scent of lemon. I love it, it's smells like i'm rubbing fresh lemonade on myself LOLOLOL. 

This whole lot cost me $33~ 

The Soaps were roughly $7-8 because they're around $6.95 per 100g and they weigh it, cut it etc. 
Toothy Tabs were $3.95
Godiva Solid Shampoo was $13.95

The following bath bombs are Lorenzo's which he bought. I swear they 'evolve' into something so magical when they explode in the bath tub. 

Dragon Egg Bath Bomb

Rose Queen Bath Bomb

Think Pink Bath Bomb

That was my second Lush haul and I can't wait to do more hauls from Lush.

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Love, J. 


  1. I would love to buy some bath bombs, but I don't take baths :( ah well, when I move out of home I'll be sure to have a bathtub!!
    Let us know how the shampoo bar goes! I'm using Jumping Juniper right now, the purple one for oily hair. I haven't really noticed anything in terms of oil control though unfortunately, but I do like it!

  2. Oh I've so wanted that honey soap! Lush is so overpriced, only think stopping me from getting it haha (it's probably a good thing).


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