Uni Life, Anniversary, Mail & Nail Therapy.

So I have my Stats Exam on this week and thank heavens it is an open book exam. I haven't been going to my past 5 lectures and tutorials and it's because I'm utterly lazy due to the fact that it's not complusory, most of my friends don't go and most of the time I am napping. So I'm sort of doomed...ish.

Also, after my mid-semester break from Uni I've been spending a lot. I've recently purchased my first Sigma Brush Kits along with a pair of Sigmax HD Brushes, so I can't wait for those to arrive and all. As well as the occasional outings I've been having with the close friends and as well, today - celebrating my eight month anniversary with my boyfriend! I don't know why out of all the other anniversaries but today was probably so exciting - maybe it's the fact that 'eight' is my favourite number or alternatively when flipped sideways it signifies an infinite sign...... What the hell did I just say (that was utterly corny and shiz - I will hold my peace now).

This morning before leaving the house to Cabramatta with the boyfriend and friends to have brunch and prepare of Phong's Getty/BBQ for ANZAC Day - I got mail! Just 3 things from eBay!

So I'm going to cut to the chase and get onto some needed (unnecessary) retail therapy 'session' I had today.

I headed to my local Big W to grab these polishes knowingly that they are on special. Maxfactor ($5 off) Napoleon (3 for 2), Face of Australia ($3 off) & of course Australis ($3 off?) was on sale. The sale is til 2 May as I asked the shop assistant there - so you got a week or so left! Cosmetics are running out quick because nearly every Big W I went to, it was sort of demolished... Anywho, these are the things I got!

Presents from the boyfriend. 

My Long awaited Dusk Candle in Lychee & Black Tea. SMELLS AMAZING. 
Story behind this is that, when we went to Dusk I was madly in love with this scent. I was broke since it cost $27 for that candle so I was like... I'll wait when I have more money and get it. 
Yesterday the boyfriend went out and got it for me! As well as a cute card (in which I'm not going to show because it's image is super corny and embarrassing LOL) but the card is super adorable!
As well as the lip butters he got me before but today I managed to swap my Cotton Candy Lip Butter for Tutti Frutti! (Will do a post one that soon!) 

In the mail today I finally got my Shu Uemura Mini Eyelash Curler and also my supposedly 'Shiseido' Eyebrow Razors LOL. 

I'm still adjusting on how to use it without pulling out my little lashes, but basically the mini eyelash curler works better than a normal eyelash curler (supposingly) as it grabs each lash for a better curl?! 

 My Mini & Original Size Shu Uemura Eyelash Curlers

So what's the hype behind these lash curlers?! I shall do a blog post about these lash curlers soon! They're not just ordinary lash curlers, they cater... (that's shall be all I will say!) I want to make a separate post for these. 

The things I actually bought! 3 of the nail polishes I bought a few days ago but I thought I'll add them in! 

These retail for $4.95 each
and ended up $1.95 each after the ($3 off)

I shall be giving this one away... 

and going to give these babies away! 
And perhaps this whole set below, there's 2 Ivory, 2 Sunny Pink's

These were $5 off and usually they're $5.48 so... I got them for 48 cents each! But they have limited colours and by the time I got there, they were ALL gone. So I got the last ones. 

If you can see, I kinda got lazy and didn't put my watermark on these images. It's time consuming but I'm just going to rush through and get my study on asap. 

My giveaway will be in 2 days! So if you're eager to score yourself some nail polishes, ENTER!

Love, J.


  1. Wow, that's an impressive collection of nail polish! Lucky you were able to swap the lip butter over, I didn't know you could do that. xx

  2. Hello! I just came across your wonderful blog and was wondering if we could follow each other? Take care. :)

    — Kristina

    1. Can't seem to find your blog but do care to follow :)

  3. Wow, I haven't been here in a while but its amazing how your blog has grown since the first time I visited. I adore your blogger and the design of the entire site. Gorgeous! Keep it up.

    And cheap nail polish! Sweeet!

  4. You got some serious bargains! I can totally imagine that you would have to spend a while there digging through the demolition to find some gold as people seem to go a bit crazy. What we beauty bloggers will do for a bargain!

    Can't wait to see your reviews on these products :)


  5. Wow, the nail polishes were at a great price, I would've bought a whole heap as well :D That's so sweet of your boyfriend to buy you that candle! The eyelash curlers intrigue me, I've never seen a mini version like that before!


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