Liquid Eyeliners

So I recently bought Essence's Liquid Liner Pen and I gotta say... for $5 it is amazing! Better than anything else I've used and I think I will stock up on more! I've used Maybelline which is great but then when I bought Line Stiletto, I find that it starts cracking after setting after a while. (Dislike) But other than that it has decent staying power. MAC's Rapidblack, I loved it at first because I love how precise you can create lines with it but I found that it ran out way too soon and started drying out and all, which made me sad. LOL. But I don't think I'll repurchase either MAC or Maybelline, for now. 

So right now, all eyes are on the Essence Liquid Liner Pen. It states that it's extra long lasting and it definitely is! I love the tip of the pen and the one thing I like about liquid eyeliners is that it is in a shape of a pen. I dislike Lash Stilettos brush style, even though it is somewhat quite like a pen. I have to try and manoeuvre around with it - I find it gets all over the place (maybe cause I'm a noob) and I just dislike the uneven application. So meeeeeeeh.  

MAC, Essence, Maybelline.

Lash Stiletto, Essence, MAC. 

Overall, liquid eyeliner/eyeliner in general is something you shouldn't go too high end for. If it works and it's affordable - go for it. I use to use Chanel's Waterproof Crayon eyeliner (which I still use from time to time) but I find that as long as another product is a fraction of the price AND is doing the same job. Then why pay the price? 

The Essence Liner is available at all Target Stores. There's a little Essence Stand where all the other make up brands are in the MU section of Target. You won't miss it!

If you're like me and is a bit pedantic and loyal to having high end products due to luxury, experience as well as the assurance that you won't be disappointed. (I hope that really made sense... LOL) By all means, that's you. But for me - as long as it works, it's wonderful and you know you'll have more money in your pocket at the end of the day. Let alone, I will always buy high end foundations - just sayin' 

Hope you find this somewhat useful! Oh, and before I forget. Thanks to all of those I tagged in the 11 Questions. I REALLY APPRECIATE IT! (I don't know if I mentioned this before - I think I did but I'll mention it again for those who didn't see my message)

Love, J.

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  1. $5 for liquid liner?! WHUT?! I must give this liner a try too!
    Aw no worries :D I had fun answering your 11 questions~


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