NYX Haul: Round Lippies & Lip Cream

Hurray! Got my NYX Lippies from America this morning and finally i can make a review and also show you them! I'm so excited cause it's been around a week and they finally arrived in my hands! I threw in my Tea Rose lippie into this haul only because i haven't really talked about it and it's sorta part of the Haul too. :)

I did a lot of research on these colours as i was discussing these colours with my boyfriend's mum. We love MAC make up overall and she recommended me to get MAC's Angel and High Tea. I think our taste in make up and colours in general are very simular which is awesome!

Anywho, these NYX lippies which i purchased are just dupes (according to my research after 2 hours looking at what colours i should buy and also which ones would suit my face) I didn't want to buy lippies which i then could not wear due to the fact that it maybe too pigmented or something i wouldn't wear out. I'm extremely happy with my selection and i was so careful (hence why it took me 2 hours - i didn't look at just 4 lippies, but overall a huge array of colours)

The following dupes are according to my research and also the colour simularity to MAC's Lipsticks. I do not own any MAC Lipsticks at the moment (I had a Cindi Lauper Viva La Glam one, which i gave to my mum and she left it in the car and it melted..... so goodbye to that one - it was such a waste!)

L2R: Iced Honey, Sky Pink, Pumpkin Pie, Tea Rose

and swatches...

Left to Right Swatches: 
Stockholm (Soft Matte Lip Cream), Pumpkin Pie, Iced Honey, Sky Pink, Tea Rose

(My Tea Rose, as i mentioned i got it around 2 weeks earlier hence why my swatch different compared to the others.)

DISCLAIMER: I suggest you google the images between the two. I wanted to try out the colours before i actually head out and get myself an actual MAC Lippie and i really don't like the idea of trying our the lippies on my hand at the MAC counter because....

  1.  Germs, Bacteria (bet you never thought of that!) and annoying sales assistants.
  2.  I hate trying on cosmetics in store because it tends to get messy and yucky.

NYX Pumpkin Pie is a close dupe to MAC's Freckletone/Dressmaker, Dressmaker - I really like the whole nudey orangey colour and when applied on my lips it's pretty neutral (i'm unsure what my tone is - i think i have a warm tone LOL) But i wouldn't say it's an exact dupe. 

NYX Iced Honey is a very close dupe to MAC's High Tea - my boyfriend's mum bought MAC's High Tea and said it was a bit too nudey for her, on my lips with Iced Honey it was a nice and a hint of shine. It's personally my favourite. 

NYX Sky Pink is a very close dupe of MAC's Angel - My boyfriend's mum also has MAC's Angel and at first i was very skeptic about the colour, as i thought it might be a Barbie pink colour (i dislike the whole pastal pink colour on my lips) but it was actually a subtle pink and it sorta looked a bit dolly on me but i guess it was mediocre. 

As for my NYX Tea Rose i didn't bother looking for a dupe - but since for the sake of this post. I found that MAC's Fanfare is a great dupe. 

NYX Lip Cream in Stockholm: Overall, this goes on really easy and smoothly. I love the pigmentation and also how it feels on my lips - I love how Matte it is as well! This wins me over my MAC Dazzleglass and since it is a lip cream it seriously does wonders! It's glides on smooth and also i just love the texture and the vanilla smell! I like to top NYX Pumpkin Pie with Stockholm and it just looks wonderful on my lips. Definitely a 5/5 for me! 

Overall, NYX lippies are really good for everyday wear (in my opinion) of course they will only last 2-3 hours and they're great if you're experimenting with lipstick (like me) - Personally, i'm not a lipstick person but after receiving all these colours which i purchased from eBay, it's something that i can wear for going out and probably Uni as well. 

Pros: Inexpensive, Can see the colour of the lippie on the bottle (great when you're trying to find a colour), Great Range of Colour, Addictive Vanilla Smells (reminds me of my shampoo LOL), Moisturising and glides onto the lips perfectly.

Cons: Doesn't last as long - but lipstick in general won't last long anyways. Nothing else really. 

I love these lippies, I love how they're pretty good quality and also they're pretty cheap too. I've used NYX's Eyeliner pencil and it works wonderfully. I love NYX cosmetics overall and i wish they were widely more avaliable in Australia - unfortunately i have to buy them online :( 

I would give these lippies 4/5! and you can also find heaps of great dupes with the large range NYX has :)
Hope this was helpful!

Love, J


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