A Week Of Just Random Food

Just a showcase of all the food and places i went to last week :) Nothing too special. I had some photos on my phone and i thought i would blog it and add something different once in a while besides make up and probably the second best thing in my life is food. I mean it's food... who doesn't like looking and eating food? LOL. I never take enough photos when i'm out eating because i tend to forget cause i'm way too hungry. 

Holy Basil at Canley Heights

Had a catch up dinner with Stefanie, Steph and also Michael who joined Lorenzo & I as well. We waited like more than half an hour outside Holy Basil and decided to roam around Canley Heights in search for somewhere else to eat considering the line was waaaaaaay too long but we decided to go back since nothing else was really appealing then Holy Basil. Hahaha, we were offered Curry Puff and Lychee & Watermelon Shakes in Small Vintage Tea Cups. 

After around 40 minutes or so we got a table and ordered :) Our little tradition is that we always order Lychee & Strawberry Shakes but this time, Lorenzo ordered a Jackfruit shake and I ordered a Mango shake. Let's just say i'll rather stick to our tradition, they we're mediocre though. Anyways, here's just some snaps. 

Stef & Steph's Lychee and Strawberry Shakes

Chicken Pad Thai and Chicken 'Holy Basil' Fried Rice 

Lorenzo & I's Famous 'Holy Basil' Fried Ice Cream

Pho Tau Bay at Cabramatta 

That morning i ate at Pho 76 at Green Valley, I was way too hungry and did not take a photo (was it necessary? LOL) Anywho, after going to places with my mum i finally settled down at Cabra and had Pho for an semi early dinner. 

I believe this is Pho Bo in a small size, It was my first time at Pho Tau Bay 
Apparently it's the best Pho in Fairfield District and it was reaaaaally nice! 
The broth wasn't over flavoured, the beef was perfectly tender and the amount of noodle was average. 

Brunch at Home

I made myself Pasta Carbonara with Mushrooms, Sliced Danish Salami and Diced Onions

It was reaaaaally nice and i could only finish half of that. :( 
Pretty mediocre for my home made pasta :) I wish i added more cream cheese the sauce would've been more thicker but that meant it would be more fatty LOL hehe

Fortune8 & iyoghurt at Cabramatta
'Banh Hoi' for Dinner at Home 

Lorenzo and I was very very excited to go to Yum Cha because we've been putting it off for a while and today we satisfied our cravings! I only took this photo because (I was hungry...) But nothing to miss really, typical yumcha! Anywho, I love Chicken Feet at Yum Cha (of course) and Lorenzo is hugely grossed out at the idea that i love eating them. If you're a typical asian you'll like them! LOL

An all time favourite at Yumcha is the Long Rice Noodles Rolls with Prawns inside. I don't eat the prawns i really dislike prawns but if they're disguised with other filling like in Prawn Dumplings (Hawgaw) then i'll eat it... (Weird, I know) - I would also eat prawns if they were deep fried like in Prawn Tempura though. 

We also had is Seafood Rolls (pictured), Plain Rice Noodle Rolls (I believe Fortune8 only offers them - from what i've seen so far), Deep Fried Taro & Pork Balls, Chicken Feet and i think that was it? We didn't eat much and i would usually order Prawn Dumplings (Hargaw) but i didn't feel like stuffing my face with so much prawn... so yeah. 

Afterwards we wanted to check out the new Frozen Yoghurt place, iyoghurt

Since Lorenzo & I were both full we decided to share this little cup LOL. 
It was delicious but the portion you get was such a rip off, I could do better at Yogolicious at Parramatta.
But we wanted to suss out how good 'iyoghurt' was

I honestly did not like this place, in my opinion i felt like this cup of frozen yoghurt was not worth $5 - for this.... I was disappointed. For the toppings, we had Oreos, Mochi & Sour Strips. 

The amount of toppings was a tad little, the frozen yoghurt was not sufficient for a 'large' size and also 2 OREOS, REALLY?! The yoghurt was mediocre but it would've win me over if they actually filled the cup with more yoghurt than i wouldn't really complain... 

Lorenzo said Moochi was way better, i would agree (though i never been) he said they fill your cups entirely and you get heaps for $6.20 (which i believe is a Large?) Anywho, i don't think i would go to iyoghurt again. It was super quiet in there and the lady that served me seems pretty unwelcoming (asians in Cabramatta LOL) 

Anywho, later that day i had Banh Hoi
 Rice Vermicelli Noodles topped with Spring Onions infused with Vegetable Oil and Sliced BBQ Pork with selection of vegetables and a tangy fish sauce. (I'm not vietnamese but that my so called interpretation LOL)
 - I suppose this isn't as traditional as it is, but we made do. 

Just at home with my mum and i since the rest of my family will be back from overseas this week. Also, my family eats a lot of vietnamese and chinese food even though we aren't vietnamese. I'm barely Chinese... well a tiny bit and i think we're more vietnamese orientated when it comes to home cooking :) The other day my mum made Bun Xeo (I think that's right - which is Vietnamese Pancake) 

Another trip to Pho Tau Bay at Cabramatta 

I forgot what this was but it was had Pork and the rice noodles were nice :) 

Later that day, at my cousins house we made Chocolate Macaroons from scratch

I seriously don't care what they are called... Macaroons or Macarons. Whatever. Everybody still knows what they are. But they were pretty sweet and we didn't made a pretty awesome ganache, instead we just got melted chocolate LOL. It was too sweet and pretty good for Macaroons from scratch. 

Ironchef at Cabramatta
Mud Crab stir fried with Rice Vermicelli
Ironchef Seafood Fried Rice with Salmon Roe

I thought i'll throw this in to complete the whole week of food! Hahaha! I wasn't particular happy with the service yesterday, it literally took half an hour for our dish to come out and considering we did order Mud Crab - that was reasonable. But the fact that we ordered a whole Mud Crab and only got half (to our observation) that was definitely a rip off. Cause at asian restaurants when you order seafood you tell them which one you want and they will fish it out from their tank and show you. I swear, we only got half a crab but i told my mum to complain cause i seriously cbfed and she's like... 'Nah that's what we get when we order the special on Monday Evening' because they have specials on Monday & Wednesday evenings..... *facepalm* 

Anyways, The worse thing is, it was only my mum & i eating dinner so we didn't order much besides those 2 dishes. Overall, the food didn't taste as good as the last times we ate here. I walked out disappointed overall at the food and the service. Big let down. 

Well i hope this covered my whole week with all the wonderful food i've had recently hehehe! Definitely feeling fat after looking at all these photos! 

Love, J. 


  1. Oh my goodness - so much good food! I envy you, though the incident with the mud crab is indeed very disappointing! ):

  2. Hahaha, it was so nice looking back at the photos. Yes the incident with the mud crab was very very disappointing! :( Thanks for dropping by!


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