Galaxy Nail Attempt & Misc.

So last night i was really bored and i decided create a little look with my nails. It might look slightly tacky but i swear it looks better in real life. I wanted to do galaxy nails but the only way i could do it and probably achieve it (from what i can think of is marbling - which is messy) so i did the most noobiest thing and got a coat of purple nail polish (Revlon's Plum Attraction) and a teal aqua nail polish (Incolor by Jordana in Ocean View) swiped a few coats on top of each other to create a streaky effect to create a somewhat 'galaxy' effect (kinda fail but it made do) and i finished it off with some plain silver glitter nail polish and Nubar's G188 flakey nail polish.

Taken on my iphone

Taken on my DSLR (Nikon)

Anywho as mentioned, i got my NYX lippies. I must say these two are my instant favourites at the moment. 

I know i just got them like... earlier today but i'm madly in love with them already. 
NYX Round Lipstick in Pumpkin Pie and NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Stockholm

Put together & viola! My new lippie sensation LOL. I wore them out today for my late lunch with the boyfriend and he said he liked it hahaha! I forgot to review about my Stockholm Lip Cream which i will now! (I'll probably add an edit to my previous post)

NYX Lip Cream in Stockholm: Overall, they apply on really easy. I love the pigmentation and also how it feels on my lips - I love how Matte it is as well! This wins me over my MAC Dazzleglass and since it is a lip cream it seriously does wonders! It's glides on smooth and also i just love the texture and the vanilla smell! definitely a 5/5 for me! 

So a little earlier i headed out to Harry Cafe De Wheels at Orange Grove with Lorenzo to grab a Cafe De Wheels Hot Dog, omgggggg it's so freaking nice and i just had to take a photo of it. It's freaking scrumptious as and apparently it's not that fattening... LOL. The best $5.90 ever spent on a good hot dog. So this was considered my late lunch. 

Sooooo nommy, i had this before at the city outside Capitol Square right before my 11am class started. This was my breakfast - felt so guilty but oh so furfilling. 

Be back soon! 

Love, J


  1. The NYX lipstick and cream look really amazing. The colors look very soft and natural and definitely wearable. You should post of picture of you wearing the combo sometime :D *drools* *_*
    Why do you have to make me have intense cravings when I'm on a diet?

    1. I wanted to but my DSLR was being such a bitch with focusing and all and my iphone just turns out blurry :(

      hahaha i'm also on a diet too but i couldn't resist that, also it wasn't that fatty as it seems :)

  2. I really like the iridescence created by layering nail polishes, though i guess it will be a tough job to remove them :S

    and I have Pumpkin Pie too! but i didnt know NYX has Lip Cream now, hahaa i needa get updated >_<

    1. It's all the help of Nubar's Nail Polish :) and the Lip Cream is definitely worth getting! I'm so in love with the colour 'Stockholm' :)


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