Hey there! Apologizes for not blogging lately - i've had a hectic week since my cousin from Melbourne visited and only visited for 3 days so we had to show her around Sydney as much as we can before she goes back.

This led to me being completely exhausted. I felt like my body has gone through a marathon or even so i've felt like i've been hungover everyday (weird, because i did not drink) - I'm feeling pretty achy at the moment and i think it's because i'm dehydrated as well - haven't been drinking enough water! and i do feel sick :( nevertheless I have MANY photos! I've been nearly all around Sydney and just some specific places so yeah.

Day 1 - Nothing too special, just some local hospitality and showing my cousin around Cabramatta & Fairfield, I know aye... we were discussing and comparing the similarities and differences between Sydney and Melbourne and had steak at Cabra-Vale. I received this awesome T2 gift from her as well, I love T2! And i wish they had a store in Parramatta! *sigh* If you haven't tried T2, it's like the best tea ever!!! I'm a huge tea-o-holic when it comes to buying things from T2. Lovelovelove! And the best thing is, it's not just ordinary tea they have Strawberry Infused ones and all these unique ones! :D 

Day 2 - Parramatta and Strathfield, we took her around our supposedly large shopping centre (I swear Westfield's Sydney seems bigger... or is it me? Don't really know) just did some regular shopping and all and then after we headed to Strathfield for Korean BBQ at Doo Ri & Also finally trying out Moochi with her as well :) 

Korean BBQ was awesome! And it was my first time as well. Love this place! 

My Sister's Small Froyo with Mochi & Strawberries

Me and Melissa shared a mini cup with blueberries - We were sooooo full from Korean BBQ

Cutest Peach Drink that my sister bought from this Korean Supermarket. Hehehehe

Day 3 - City, A trip to QVB, Westfield Sydney and Jamie's Oliver's Italian Restaurant + Guylian Belgian Cafe at The Rocks! When i was in Westfield Sydney, I could not get enough of the make up stands. Hehehehe LOL. I saw brands where i have never seen (I'm sucha noobie i bet everyone has seen these stands - I'm sorry i don't travel that much to the city and to this part of the city) LOL Anywho, saw my very first Illamasqua Stand - really preeeedy. 

They have Guerlian here too? :O

I was so excited to see Smashbox as i have never ever seen Smashbox in Australia! 

Mecca, I've heard about them and Melissa told me that they have Mecca everywhere in Melbourne. 
Damn you Melbourne!!! 

Then it was Jamie's Italian (A Jamie Oliver Restaurant) - 2 minutes away from Wynward Station.

Overall it was mediocre but the portions we're really small.. My Mushroom Ravioli had like 6 pieces of ravioli and it was like $12? Definitely not filling!! I think i was in a pretty bad mood that day so to those who asked me on twitter about Jamie Oliver's Restaurant it's good... but order large portions. No joke. The price is pretty mediocre i suppose, if you're going to eat at the city and in a really nice ambience - i guess it's probably worth paying. My overall thought, i don't think i'll come back here. 

Crispy Polenta Chips, these were $8 - pretty small portion but expect to pay that much when you're going to a somewhat fine dining place!

My Sister's Fettuccine - I don't remember the name of it exactly it was like $12.50? 
Trust me we we're still hungry after that... and if you look closely the portion is pretty small. 

My mum's meat platter which was $13. 
My Mushroom Ravioli - I don't know the exact name for it LOL. 

After my disappointing meal at Jamie Oliver's restaurant, probably i was so bummed because it wasn't filling... But anywho, Guylian Belgian Cafe on The Rocks cheered me up! 

My Smoked Chicken Baguette - $15 
Really nice but $15? I didn't care... Anything to fill me up from the disappointment previously. 

Melissa's Belgian Waffles with Praline Ice Cream i believe it was. 
This was $15 i believe?
OMG IT WAS SO GOOD and it wasn't too sweet. 
Trust me it's the best crispy waffle and it's so light and it just melts in your mouth. Definitely a must try if you go there!

My sister's Hot Chocolate with some sort of Praline Chocolate and a Truffle. 
It was $7.20 i think... And you get everything pictured here! It's not just $7.20 for a cup you have that metal jug there to refill! Basically you get 2 cups worth. The reason is because it's Hot Chocolate and theres a Praline chocolate piece in the cup and you pour the Hot Chocolate over it so it melts into the drink and .... omg it's just so heavenly!

Other sweets at the cafe

I would choose this over Lindt, because i find Lindt Cafe too sweet and sickening. I really like how Guylian's desserts are the right amount of sweetness and it's so classy and all!

Day 4 - Cronulla Beach & Australia Day! My family and my cousins to our family friends house who lives in Cronulla, they own a Patisserie in Woolooware and have bought a house there! Rich asians. LOL and we had an Australian Day BBQ and that day, it was time for Melissa to fly back to Melbourne! She couldn't stay too long since she had just finished her VCE and is awaiting enrolment at Monash University. So, we had lunch and then walked down to Cronulla beach - which was around a 10 minute walk and just splashed in the waves and built sandcastle like little kids... Nothing too special! 

Melissa & I 

Later that evening i was completely drained and i had no will to go out for the next few days but Lorenzo called me out to go watch Underworld Awakening with him and his mates. I wasn't expecting to go but i went anyways since i haven't been out with him during that week and everyone was asking where i was! LOL (been antisocial). Went to Hoyts at Wetherill and the movie was pretty intense for me... I swear at one point i thought the guy who was playing David was James Franco and i got excited then figured out it wasn't him. MY BAD LOL. Anywho to conclude my blog entry, i will be going to my cousins wedding tonight at Crystal Palace and i feel so urghhhhh that i'm not even in top shape to even dress up. I hope panadol will help and all. My head feels like i've been having hangovers every single day for the past week. (Seriously wtf?!) :( Will be back soon and all!

Love, J. 


  1. T2! I love them as well, they have really nice tea flavours as well as odd funky ones. That aside, lovely pictures! Hope that you feel better soon and have fun at your cousin's wedding!

  2. HAHAHA I kinda wish I was your cousin so you would take me around. And I think Parramatta westies is definitely bigger than Sydneys. Well at least its easier to navigate through parra.

  3. Oh my god
    the food *_*
    Why do you always eat the most delicious looking food...it's not fair xD
    I also love all the awesome pictures you have (especially the food ones haha)


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