Melting Lippies Into New Packaging!

The title says all! I got this tip/idea from Tram where she has a tutorial on how to DIY Lipstick Palette! Since my idea is really simular... i've been thinking about doing this to my old lippie for a while! So i did, just then! At roughly 11pm... at night. (Bored Child) Anywho! it is basically the same method as to what i did according to Tram's tutorial. But in my case, i had an empty MAC container which i obtained from a sample at the MAC store and i cleaned it, disinfected it and wiped it dry before putting any of my melted lipstick in!

Basically, i reaaaaally love this colour from BYS in Beautifully Bare though, i have carried this lipstick around with me and the cap is so flimsy and keeps falling off - causing to get lipstick all over my bag. Horrible. Anywho, i was bored and just til today i saw this lippie laying around and thought... Hey, I can melt this into an easy to keep pot! 

As you can see, the casing is quite..... 'cheap' not a fan of this lipstick case i'm afraid. 

As you can see i'm in my bathroom and LOL at my clock. Yes it was near 11pm. 

Here you can see that i've gotten a spoon which is disinfected and also washed it with dishwashing liquid and wiped it clean. After, i got my spoon (i think toaster was better and Tram used a toaster which was EASIER - but i couldn't be bothered taking the toaster out at 11pm at night so i discreetly got a candle and a lighter)  

So basically after disinfecting your spoon and your container, you 'chop up your lipstick' in my case i just took the whole chunk... chop it up so it melts faster i suppose. Then, place it onto the spoon and put the spoon over the candle for it to melt. If you're planning on re using this spoon i suggest don't use this method. If not get a spoon you're going to throw away... ANYWAYS! After it has melted the lipstick gently pour the contents into the jar and let it cool down. 

This is the finish result! And i love how its really flat in shape, as in it's not lumpy or bumpy and it looks like i've gone out and bought a lip pot! 

Thank god i got this free MAC Container from the samples, it makes my lippy look so professional HAHAHA

But i do not using lippies with fingers so i'll definitely use this with a lip brush. 

For more, check out Tram's tutorial where i've linked it here 

Love, J.

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