This little nail affair

Just recently i got into painting my nails.... okay not recently but probably beginning of Uni and all. I got bored of wearing clear nail polish all the time (i just liked painting them clear LOL) and also mainly because i went to a Catholic school and nail polish was no where to be worn at school. I seriously couldn't be bothered being a rebel and wearing nail polish occasionally without trying to get caught, cause i would have to go to the office and remove it and at the same time get in trouble blah blah. Soooooo stupid. So i painted my nails clear - obviously teachers didn't notice and it still made my nails look naturally healthy and polished :D 

Anywho! After high school and all, i slowly started merging into wearing nail polish again. I was never a  nail polish fanatic but seeing how plain my nails were, they were a great addition to make up. (I hope that makes sense) but also since my mum was in the nail art craze earlier and we have more than 30+ nail polishes at home ranging from different colours, brands and prices LOL (I sound like a commercial) anyways! 

I recently had this blue flakey nail polish look for 2 weeks and surprisingly they haven't changed that much. Barely any signs of damage? I don't know. I think that was just way too long for me to have them, also my nails are long and they're getting in the way of things so i decided to clip them and go with a simple nail colour. The reason why I think it has lasted me 2 weeks is because i layed so much Nubar G188 Flakey Nail Polish on soooooo much (let's say 10 times) and it has been intact. 

The two nail polishes i used!

The Eclipse is a Navy Shiny Blue. (It doesn't have a specific name for it sooooo if you're going to buy this just find something like a shiny navy!) 

The Nubar G188 - I believe it's a limited edition one and my friend Kristy told me about it, so kudos to her!! I've been in love with it ever since i bought it from the States. 

I used like 2 layers of the Eclipse nail polish and probably 7-10 times of Nubar to get my desired flakey effect. 

After removing my beloved blue flakey nails, i honestly thought it was too dramatic for tomorrows dinner party that my mum is hosting at my house. So i decided to go with my all time favourite, OPI's Delce De Leche 

I applied only one coat and i couldn't be bothered  apply more and my nails look super nooby as i trimmed them, so hello to short nails... for now!

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! 

Love, J.


  1. whoaa prettty!
    ive always wanted flakie polishhh
    kristy intro'd me to nubar too! hahaha

  2. I saw you guys were talking about it on twitter! Did you buy a nubar? which one? :)

  3. The combination of the two looks great! Anticipating future posts ^^


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