My Favourite Lippie Review

I've been at home and been basically been cleaning the house and waking up at like 12pm and online window shopping all day..... (sad) and cause work hasn't called me in (hate being casual) and i don't really have any money to go out.... (spent it on shit online) and..... I'm too lazy. Hello sloth life!

Anyways, i wanted to make a post on my favourite lippie products and might as well do a review on this Biotherm Nutrisource Levres Lip Balm this is basically like a normal lip balm but it does wonders! 

Biotherm says: Enriched with 5 ultra fine & naturally derived oils Comforts & soothes dry, chapped lips loaded with a smoothing sugar derivative helps gently buff away flaked skin lips look fuller & smoother protects skin from external aggressions
Biotherm Nutrisource Levres Lip Balm - $30AUD? (I know it's somewhere around that price)

Yes, it does as it says! IMO, it's smooths out my dry and chapped lips and majorly hydrates my lips within 5 minutes? My mum has been using this for a year and i thought i'll get myself one (instead she bought me one - so yay!) I wouldn't say this is something i can't live without but it helps if you want nice smooth looking without it looks dry and chapped and kissable lips (does that smirky smile and raises eyebrows LOLOL) then i say this is for you! Though i would honestly try it out before you buy it. 

I'm not 100% sure where my mum got this from, I believe it's available from Myer cause i saw a Biotherm stand there. This little pot of lip balm is sufficient for a VERY LONG TIME (obviously depending on how much you use it) The price... Well, I believe it is $30 or roughly. Should go pass $35. The quality is pretty good and their skin care range is also really good too. 

Onto my favourite lip gloss!! I wanted to put out that i've been loving this lipgloss from MAC! My beloved cousin Stella sent this to me when she was in Hong Kong on a business trip and chose this colour for herself and also got one for me. (Thank goodness i have cousins who buy me stuff LOL, they're literally like big sisters to me hehehe)  The one i own is MAC's Dazzleglass in Like Venus. I think i peeled off the bottom of my MAC labelling (stupid) either i was bored and was fiddling with it when i was on the phone or i simply ripped it off... okay. But on google Baby Sparks looks more like my swatch... so... yeah. 

The simularity between Like Venus and Baby Sparks confuses me. I have never used so much lip gloss until i received this lippie. I think in primary school i used heaps of Lip Smackers Strawberry Gloss I believe it's still sold at Big W and all and i used that like 3874539857239852 times in Year 6 LOL. 

Anywho, now that i'm a big girl. This is MY lip gloss that i use today! It's awesome! I got this picture off google (which explains how it's so pretty and shiny and gleaming) I couldn't be bothered taking a picture of mine so here's a prettier one LOL.

This is a neutral lippie, just provides shine but not much colour. I like it, since i'm just a nudey pink natural person (LOL) but yeah, if you have a chance at Myers or MAC do have a look at these products, they're worth researching and buying and this is my 2 cents on them!

Love, J.

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